Amy + Mike + Dodo – {Family Session}

FamilyAug 14 20110 Comments

This surely is one of the more special sessions for me.  Not only I knew Mike and Amy for a long time, but this time I also got to capture some of the most exciting moments for their beloved … Dodo!!


Hi Dodo! =)


I still remember the first time when I met Dodo, he was still a little puppy licking my fingers.  Now … well, he didn’t change much actually, same size at least. =D

AmyMikeDodo_20110801162719 AmyMikeDodo_20110801171519AmyMikeDodo_20110801164140AmyMikeDodo_20110801172822

Aww …


A very happy family.  Look at Dodo’s smile too!!


One of my favorite for the day!


And there, 2nd favorite of the day! =D


Amy and Mike, thanks for inviting me for a fun day! =D