Candy + Donny

FamilyMay 17 20120 Comments

Whenever I think of Candy and Donny, I always think about their laughter, their joy, and their commitment to God!  Seriously, their engagement and wedding seemed like yesterday to me.  They are just SO MUCH FUN to be with!  And on a very special day, the Mother’s day, I had the pleasure to enjoy their company, and once again document their special moment!


Look, it’s been a WHOLE year, Candy still has the sweetest smile! 


And you know what, a WHOLE year after, we have a very happily married couple waiting for their new family member!  Remember I mentioned about a very special day to document their special moment?  YEAH … a maternity session on Mother’s day!!!  =D 


OK, where’s the fun of a maternity session if we don’t take it outside?  The weather was so great and it is simply impossible not to take advantage of it!!


Hi baby!!


And may I introduce my favourite moment of the day?  LOVE IT!!


Candy and Donny, it’s my tremendous pleasure to witness all the big moments of your life.  And being able to capture all of them, it’s a dream come true to me!  I can’t describe how happy I’m to hear your big news.  Happy delivery and I can’t wait to see the new baby!! =)

**************************************************************** Behind the Scene ****************************************************************

Say hi to Candy, Donny, and Tony’s shadow.  Alright, that’s the best I can do from a solo job. =P


OK, being a good citizen, it’s my duty to put everything back when we’re done. =D