Carol + Howard – {E-Session}

I still remember the day when my good friend Howard sending me a message about getting married.  It was a busy day at work and his single message turned my stressful day to a euphoric one.  And when Carol and Howard asked me to be their wedding photographer, the feeling is indescribably special. 

We spent an afternoon for an engagement session and I must say, Carol and Howard are made for each other.  Carol`s glowing smile matches Howard`s gentle and loving personality perfectly!  Enjoy!! =)

CarolHoward_20100515153828CarolHoward_20100515160612 CarolHoward_20100515161215CarolHoward_20100515160821

This part is funny.  We were down the beach and ready to get some cool shots.  On the way to our destination there were 2 cute little girls spotted our adorable couples.  They were so curious that they kept coming back to the same spot of our shoot.  =)


But no problem, in the end, we get the shots that we want. =D


CarolHoward_20100515162648-2CarolHoward_20100515161332 CarolHoward_20100515161833CarolHoward_20100515163337

Carol, you look FABULOUS!


After we`ve changed to more casual wear, we went ahead to have more shooting fun.

CarolHoward_20100515173149CarolHoward_20100515173354 CarolHoward_20100515173807CarolHoward_20100515182611CarolHoward_20100515191105 CarolHoward_20100515191835-2CarolHoward_20100515192034-2CarolHoward_20100515191727

Carol & Howard, I`m super excited about your wedding.  I`m sure it`ll be tons of fun, and we`ll be capturing every minute of it! =D


******************* Behind the scene *******************

Speaking of capturing every minute of fun, of course we`ll include our very cool team. =)CarolHoward_20100515153630CarolHoward_20100515173902

We`re at a break during the shoot, but I just can`t stop taking cool pictures. =)


Hey, we`ll do anything to keep my couples happy! =P


Well, we can be funny and serious at the same time.  =)