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Victoria + Robert – {Proposal}

After months of planning, finally the big day has come!  And I’m honour to be a part of this! The chat has been VERY busy, as we have big team in this operation.  Messages have been flying every 5-10 minutes for 6 hours. =D  And the moment comes!!  PRICELESS!!   Meet the team!  AWESOME work guys!!!  Now let’s have some photo fun! =D Victoria and Robert, it’s a GREAT pleasure witnessing your precious moments.  Congratulations, and love you two!! =D

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Jenny + Edmund – {Married}

This one is full of fun!  Not only the wedding party are super fun, and I work with great friends!! =)  

Jenny, you look GORGEOUS! 

A little mom and daughter moment, always sweet!

Didn’t I say they are fun?  Absolutely stunning!

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Teresa + Ben – {Married}

I must admit, lately I’ve been having too much fun with Fall color and getting my son’s costume ready.  So I was a little being on my blogging. =P  But getting back to the pictures is like reliving those exciting moments all over again.  In this case, Teresa and Ben’s wedding.  They’re fun and they’re extremely nice couple.  I LOVE them!

We don’t know need a fancy room to make good pictures.  A cozy one will do just fine. 

Mom’s expression is priceless! 

Now comes the fun

Priceless moment!  

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Holly + Joshua – {E-Session}

Meet Holly and Joshua.  They’re getting married next year, but boy, I can’t wait to have some photo fun with them!!!!  And of course, we all love some Fall color.  Gorgeous smile from both of them!  Aren’t they perfect for each other?  Hi pumpkin!  This is one of the sessions where we just roam around and find any interesting spots to shoot.  The trust they have in me … how can I not LOVE them?? I can’t wait to capture your big day! 

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Victoria + Kris – {E-Session}

This is a truly enjoyable session!  Victoria and Kris are just adorable!! They have time and again reminded me that they are no photogenic.  I personally have no idea where this is coming from.  They’re perfect!  Yeeehaaaaa!  We just went to some random place with good color.  Thank you for trusting me. =D  I have so many favorites, so hard to pick one for this session. =)

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Cathy + Ricky – {Married}

This one is special to me.  Lots of laughter, lots of selfies, and a lots of stories.  It’s a special day for Cathy and Ricky. Yup, selfies, and I love the energy! =)  It’s not a huge wedding party, but I love the bridesmaids.  There is no one moment where there’s no laughter between Cathy and her bridesmaids.  And here’s Ricky!   When I first met Ricky, he doesn’t seem to be the super expressive kind.  But boy, he’s funny.  While the relatives and friends finish the tea ceremony and wait for the ceremony to start, they are playing mahjong to kill time.  Being a CBC (check out urban dictionary if you don’t know what it means), no one expects Ricky to know how to play.  But he just jump right into it regardless.  Well, of course we can’t really finish one game, because the bride is ready and we’re heading out for our portrait session … =)  While I’m having fun with Cathy and Ricky, Rika and Jessica are also having the own fun. And all fun are welcome!!! =D Getting ready for ceremony … Detail is what I love, and this one is EXTRA SPECIAL!While the girls are busy touching up for the ceremony, Ricky is busy touching up the wedding cake. Being a cook himself, it’s a no brainer for him.  But to me, THIS IS AMAZING!!!  I can’t stop but sharing this.  Right at the moment when the bride is walking in, this little boy kicked the decoration the lantern rolled onto the floor.  And here he is applying some just-in-time fixing. =)  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this one!  Game time!  Hello my friend, thank you for introducing the Cathy and Ricky to each other! A special dance performance …And let the rest of the celebration begin!

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Ariel + Kelvin – {E-Session}

Meet Ariel and Kelvin, they’re getting married in December in Mexico. =) She likes to laugh.  He makes her laugh.  ie: They’re perfect to each other!  A few pictures at Ariel’s cousin’s coffee shop.  Simple and elegant.  And Sweet! =) A switch in outfit, and more downtown fun. Absolutely beautiful! Working with them is a joy.  We suggested different ideas with each other.  And we get to have so much fun, including some water fun. =) Oh, how much I love shooting elements that tell stories about themselves!    The first stuff animals they got together! I can’t wait to capture their memories in Mexico.  See you there guys! =)

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Irene + Charles – {E-Session}

Introducing Irene and Charles, who are tying their knots next year.  And boy, this is not a very long session, but surely it’s fun. =)

 What a GORGEOUS light …  And of course, better couples! =)  Perfect!

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