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Erica + Kawai – {E-Session}

We have a VERY cold January this year.  But an opportunity to have some winter fun with Erica and Kawai truly warm me up.  And these two are TROOPERS! -20 degrees?  no problem.  Look at them, gorgeous smiles!!!!!

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Holly + Joshua – {E-Session}

Meet Holly and Joshua.  They’re getting married next year, but boy, I can’t wait to have some photo fun with them!!!!  And of course, we all love some Fall color.  Gorgeous smile from both of them!  Aren’t they perfect for each other?  Hi pumpkin!  This is one of the sessions where we just roam around and find any interesting spots to shoot.  The trust they have in me … how can I not LOVE them?? I can’t wait to capture your big day! 

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Victoria + Kris – {E-Session}

This is a truly enjoyable session!  Victoria and Kris are just adorable!! They have time and again reminded me that they are no photogenic.  I personally have no idea where this is coming from.  They’re perfect!  Yeeehaaaaa!  We just went to some random place with good color.  Thank you for trusting me. =D  I have so many favorites, so hard to pick one for this session. =)

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Ariel + Kelvin – {E-Session}

Meet Ariel and Kelvin, they’re getting married in December in Mexico. =) She likes to laugh.  He makes her laugh.  ie: They’re perfect to each other!  A few pictures at Ariel’s cousin’s coffee shop.  Simple and elegant.  And Sweet! =) A switch in outfit, and more downtown fun. Absolutely beautiful! Working with them is a joy.  We suggested different ideas with each other.  And we get to have so much fun, including some water fun. =) Oh, how much I love shooting elements that tell stories about themselves!    The first stuff animals they got together! I can’t wait to capture their memories in Mexico.  See you there guys! =)

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Irene + Charles – {E-Session}

Introducing Irene and Charles, who are tying their knots next year.  And boy, this is not a very long session, but surely it’s fun. =)

 What a GORGEOUS light …  And of course, better couples! =)  Perfect!

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Cathy + Ricky – {E-Session}

Congratulations to Cathy and Ricky, who will be tying the knots in less than 24 hours! =D  Cathy is ONE SWEET GIRL! Her laughter made my day! =D   Moments!!  The weather wasn’t exactly perfect, but of course you won’t notice about it, because of the fun that they had. =D

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Michelle + Jason – {Pre-wedding}

I love shooting in nature.  But really love shooting beautiful people who are in love in nature, under this beautiful Fall color!The light is fantastic! And these two makes the perfect scene even better.   Free your mind, and your love! This session truly makes me happy, it’s like a round trip to awesomeness.  I can go to so many fun places, and I’m accompanied by beautiful people. =D  And this place turns me on!  Uhem … I mean photographically! =P
To see more of Michelle and Jason’s pre-wedding session, click here or check it out below:

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Lynda + Brian – {E-Session}

I know Lynda through her sister’s wedding a few years back.  And it’s my honour to now capture the precious moments of Lynda and Brian.  I feel like I’m part of the family now. =)  Sweetness!
To see more of Lynda and Brian’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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