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Mabel + Patrick – {E-Session 2}

Remember I mentioned a while ago here that this is not the last time we’ll see these two?  Oh boy, it’s been a long while!  It’s partly because of a little sports accident that delayed our second session.  But a larger part is because of us being especially blessed with all the exciting weddings we have been invited to this year.

Enjoy our 2nd fun photo trip of Mabel and Patrick. 


And when we say fun, we mean it!  Seriously, we wouldn’t have as much fun if we don’t have our lovely and cute couples like this.  They’re just willing to do anything, even when the message totally does not describe our awesome Patrick here! =D


Rawwwwwrrrrrrr …….!  Easily my fav of the day!

MabelPatrick_20100918171320-2MabelPatrick_20100918174041-2 MabelPatrick_20100918191104MabelPatrick_20100918171911MabelPatrick_20100918190333MabelPatrick_20100918174736

Our session continues at night … I just LOOOVE the different scenery and atmosphere.  Tremendous thanks to our couple for their complete trust. =)


If I can name more than one favorites of the day, this is certainly another one!


Mabel and Patrick, you guys rock!!!


******************* Behind the scene *******************

Again, introducing our most favorite position of shooting, yeah, we sleep everywhere! =)


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Edith + Dave – {Married}

It was a wedding with different emotions.  And it was a wedding with many familiar faces which I didn’t expect at all.  For example, Dave’s uncle is my founder pastor in my old church.  And one of Edith’s uncles is a great friend of my Dad, who know me since I was a teenager. =)

Enjoy the sneak peek!

edithdave_20101002074058 edithdave_20101002075948edithdave_20101002065256EdithDave_20101002072309-2

In order to win the bride, the bros need to prepare! =)  For those who don’t know the writings, below are the famous ancient military tactics written on Tradition Chinese. =P

EdithDave_20101002071031 edithdave_20101002072506edithdave_20101002073410EdithDave_20101002081513


We LOOOOVE the moments!


And Edith, you look absolutely amazing!


We then went on to the forest for some awesome Fall colors!


EdithDave_20101002172015 EdithDave_20101002172044EdithDave_20101002211158

And here comes a very special moment.  I certainly cannot describe the emotion and love in words.  I will  just let my friends and our lovely couple to relive their moments on these pictures.  I must tell you, I am touched! 


And the post will end with us and our gorgeous couple.  Edith and Dave, you are absolutely made for each other.  And it is our honour to capture your memory.  I wish you both a very happy married life!!  Love ya both!!!


******************* Behind the scene *******************

Onto our team timeless coverage, with the help of our good ‘samaritan’ brothers.  =)


A little duel of camera shooting right there … lol.


Me taking a break again … nah!!! =P


My fav right there.  Reminds me of AVP. =D


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Lu + Austin – {Married}

Here it is … Lu and Austin’s wedding day!!  And Fall is my favorite season for weddings. =D

LuAustin_20100926080949 LuAustin_20100926083356

The wedding of Lu and Austin is full of stories.  And I’m honoured to be one of the audiences in these stories.  Even during the makeup time, Lu’s maid of honour shared how they spent countless hours together in and off school.  And how they’re NOT going to have eye contact on the wedding day, just to avoid the unstoppable tears because of the years of care and love for each other.  Thanks Joy for sharing your moments with me! =)

LuAustin_20100926083841LuAustin_20100926103548 LuAustin_20100926104718


LuAustin_20100926104752 LuAustin_20100926103757

And while the girls are all emotional and intimate, here are our boys!  All cool and ready to take on the challenges that await them!

luaustin_20100926093927 luaustin_20100926093943luaustin_20100926104235

Man, I miss my own six-pack.  Yeah, I used to have them when I was in … err … grade 9?  BTW, we had the wildest games of the year.  Good job guys!  =D 

luaustin_20100926105004 luaustin_20100926105005LuAustin_20100926105854-2LuAustin_20100926110418


We then move on to our fun photo session …


Yeah, a lot of fun. =D  Honestly, we can’t do it without this wonderful wedding party and friends.  Two thumbs up!!!!


The wedding took place in the beautiful banquet hall of  Bellagio.

LuAustin_20100926152433 LuAustin_20100926152439LuAustin_20100926154813LuAustin_20100926155311LuAustin_20100926155955

After many years of love journey, this is their FIRST moment as husband and wife.  And boy oh boy, this is no doubt one of my favorite!!!


Remember I said no eye contact between our bride and MOH?  This is what happened.  And that’s why we love what we do.  Every moment, every move is precious!

LuAustin_20100926185649-2luaustin_20100926200237LuAustin_20100926203014-2 LuAustin_20100926211006LuAustin_20100926211033-2LuAustin_20100926211430luaustin_20100926211502

And we ended our night with a dance of our lovely couple.  LOVE IT!!!!


Lu and Austin, THANK YOU for inviting us to capture your memory.  It’s our tremendous honour to work with you.  You two are just awesome!!  Love ya!

******************* Behind the scene *******************

OK, time for some Team Timeless’ awesomeness!  Look look, it’s me!  Uhem, I know I know, I don’t have a six-pack.  Hey, I have 3 chins.  Beat that!  =D

luaustin_20100926135217 luaustin_20100926135207

Anyway, back to work! =D


Yes, funny is our middle name.  =)


And we loved to be in the crowd.


Honestly, I really don’t know why I’m doing that.  Well, I guess instinctively, I’m the Ultraman! =P


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Amy + Brian – {Married}

It’s been our tremendous honour to be invited to capture Amy and Brian’s wedding.  These two are just so in love.  The stories that they shared to everyone just proves that they’re destined to be together.  And we can’t wait to show you the sweetness of their day!


Let’s rewind to the beginning.  Enjoy! =)

amybrian_20100912072105amybrian_20100912074352AmyBrian_20100912072950 AmyBrian_20100912065759AmyBrian_20100912080945AmyBrian_20100912083948AmyBrian_20100912090150 AmyBrian_20100912091015AmyBrian_20100912091248-2

The moment before the husband meeting his wife. 


The joy from the family that is filling the place is just awesome.  And we just LOVE the expression of grandma! =D

amybrian_20100912102510AmyBrian_20100912102146 AmyBrian_20100912104004

And mom too! =)


After tea ceremony, we are getting ready for some fun picture time.

AmyBrian_20100912120716 AmyBrian_20100912120943AmyBrian_20100912124207amybrian_20100912125118 amybrian_20100912125124

Amy, you look FABULOUS!!

amybrian_20100912124613AmyBrian_20100912135703AmyBrian_20100912140347 AmyBrian_20100912140348AmyBrian_20100912140008 amybrian_20100912145836amybrian_20100912150458

AmyBrian_20100912164052amybrian_20100912172152AmyBrian_20100912172732AmyBrian_20100912172812AmyBrian_20100912173000 AmyBrian_20100912173709AmyBrian_20100912173649AmyBrian_20100912173736AmyBrian_20100912193059-2amybrian_20100912200946-2AmyBrian_20100912201024AmyBrian_20100912205453AmyBrian_20100912205912AmyBrian_20100912210235 AmyBrian_20100912210050AmyBrian_20100912204306-2

Amy and Brian, it’s been a great pleasure to work with you.  The sweetness that is coming from you both and the stories that you shared touches my heart.  And I have no doubt your life will be even sweeter!

******************* Behind the scene *******************

Yeah, it’s us again.  We just LOVE shooting each other. =D


It wasn’t a very dry day.  But don’t worry, I have brought my secret weapon to keep the gown clean. =P


Hi cutie!  Oh, I’m not referring to Winston. =D


My favourite group shot of the day!


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Catherine + Johnny – {Married}

Catherine and Johnny are both very good friends of mine.  In fact, thinking about it I’ve known them both for over 10 years.  What a pair of sweet couple!  They have been together for pretty much as long as I knew them both for.  Going through the ups and downs of life together, what a fitting end of their single lives is their marriage!  I’m really thrilled and thankful that I could be part of their wedding day, sharing their lives most precious moments.  So here I present to you, my buddies, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Mak!!!

catjohnny_20100821071330catjohnny_20100821075619catjohnny_20100821081758  catjohnny_20100821082738   catjohnny_20100821084334 catjohnny_20100821084546catjohnny_20100821091713catjohnny_20100821094410catjohnny_20100821105012catjohnny_20100821105207catjohnny_20100821105706catjohnny_20100821105938catjohnny_20100821125243 catjohnny_20100821131929catjohnny_20100821132153 catjohnny_20100821150408

We all had such a great time, and I’m sure you can feel the joy of the day!  It’s overflowing! catjohnny_20100821125600 catjohnny_20100821130939 catjohnny_20100821152856

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Candy + Donny – {E-Session}

It was a day after the stormy weekend.  It was a Monday.  And it’s one of those days to thank God for awesome weather which we all enjoyed a ‘mini-vacation’ with our lovely couple, Candy and Donny!

Both Candy and Donny are devoted Christians.  And boy oh boy, they are just full of fun, full of joy, and full of life.  And you know what, joy is contagious!  I for one surely is infected by this welcoming quality. =)

CandyDonny_20100816155834CandyDonny_20100816160743-2 CandyDonny_20100816160814candydonny_20100816155848

Cute! Cute! Cute!

CandyDonny_20100816163129CandyDonny_20100816163315 CandyDonny_20100816163610CandyDonny_20100816164211-2CandyDonny_20100816165101CandyDonny_20100816170538

Rawrrrrrrr!!!!  I just got extra excited when I see light like that!!! =D

CandyDonny_20100816174514 CandyDonny_20100816174321CandyDonny_20100816174708CandyDonny_20100816175050CandyDonny_20100816175540 CandyDonny_20100816180101CandyDonny_20100816180148

The ‘funnest’ part of our day!

CandyDonny_20100816181436 CandyDonny_20100816185857CandyDonny_20100816185952-2candydonny_20100816183857 (2)CandyDonny_20100816191301CandyDonny_20100816190516CandyDonny_20100816185123CandyDonny_20100816200734CandyDonny_20100816203524

Candy and Donny, you guys are absolutely lovely and awesome to work with!  And we can’t wait to capture every moment of your wedding!!  Love ya!

Oh, I did mention this is a mini-vacation, right?  How can this be a vacation without a ‘tourist’ shot? =P


******************* Behind the scene *******************

And here’s a little documentary of how we enjoyed our ‘vacation’.  Seriously, it’s really enjoyable! =)


This one is fun.  The racoon was stuck there for 5 mins.  I’m not sure if it’s trying to get in or out. =P

CandyDonny_20100816155616teampic_20100816164814 teampic_20100816160857

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Carol + Howard – {Married}

Here is my special couple, Carol and Howard.  It was such a joyful day and full of events.  Great day like that always is a challenge for me, when it comes to blogging.  There are just too many great things I want to show you but I have to force myself to not to overwhelm it.  So here’s just a few snapshot for this wonderful day.  Now, let’s bring it on!!

CarolHoward_20100807081639CarolHoward_20100807083858-2CarolHoward_20100807073029CarolHoward_20100807083938 CarolHoward_20100807084446


Here’s our band of brothers ready to take on the challenge from the girls.


This is one of the many moments that touched my heart, when Howard is handing the tea to his grandma during their tea ceremony. 


I just LOVE grandma’s expression.  I can only imagine how happy she was when her little boy who she used to read all the stories to have all grown up and found the love of his life. 


carolhoward_20100807121031 carolhoward_20100807121051CarolHoward_20100807121049


CarolHoward_20100807130947-2CarolHoward_20100807132940CarolHoward_20100807135154CarolHoward_20100807135032 CarolHoward_20100807135555

Both Carol and Howard are a member of Immanuel Worshippers.  It’s special for us to capture the moment when they pay tribute to God by offering the beautiful voice after their vow.


And now onto our photo session…

CarolHoward_20100807153719-2carolhoward_20100807161235 (2) carolhoward_20100807161310CarolHoward_20100807164337-2CarolHoward_20100807164124CarolHoward_20100807165045 CarolHoward_20100807165137CarolHoward_20100807165206-2

And we continue our fun during the banquet, which took place at Ka Lung Court.

CarolHoward_20100807194555-2CarolHoward_20100807201021 CarolHoward_20100807203524-2carolhoward_20100807211647

Here’s our groom and bros showing off their dancing ability.  Awesome Howard, take the lead!!


It’s not easy to find a guy who is willing to show his honest and sensitive side in front of more than 200 people.  When he does show that, you know it’s real.  And it’s a blessing for me to have such a friend.


Honestly, this is one of the few weddings I have to explicitly remind myself to hold my tears, as I’m on a mission to have a steady hand to capture all the moments.


Carol and Howard, thank you for the distinct honour of being your wedding photographer.  It’s been a joy working with you both and I have no doubt your life will be even sweeter for the both of you! =)

******************* Behind the scene *******************

Here is Team Timeless again, working within the crowd.  And I’m not kidding,  every step I take I have to make sure I’m not pumping into anyone.  And after each shot …


I have to make way for the next wave of photographers. =)


For some reason, this remind me of Saving Private Ryan…


And some target practice from the squad.


Our whole team for the day, love it!! =)


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Lu + Austin – {E-Session}

Congratulations to Lu and Austin, who will be tying their knot this September.  I must say, these two are soldiers!  Not only they’re having their session on one of the stormy weekends (and it’s melting hot), but they managed to get both their engagement session and pre-wedding pictures done on the same day! 



LuAustin_20100815141349LuAustin_20100815144022-2luaustin_20100815143324luaustin_20100815181244 luaustin_20100815181309 (2)

The light right after the storm is just amazing, even though it was just for a very brief moment!  Luvvvve it!

LuAustin_20100815183208LuAustin_20100815181202LuAustin_20100815181154LuAustin_20100815181702 LuAustin_20100815182354-2LuAustin_20100815184047

One of my fav! =D


And now … onto our pre-wedding photos from earlier of the day.


I know we’re not supposed to stay under the trees while there’s a storm.  But how can we say no to this?  (Kids, don’t try this yourself!)


One of the most common questions we have when scheduling a session is … “what if it rains?”  Truly, it doesn’t matter.  =)

luaustin_20100815152202-2luaustin_20100815190651 luaustin_20100815190637LuAustin_20100815185725luaustin_20100815185706luaustin_20100815185728 luaustin_20100815185843LuAustin_20100815191813LuAustin_20100815190709

And this is another favorite of mine.  love love looove…..!!


Lu and Austin, we’re absolutely looking forward to your wedding day!  It’s going to be GREAT fun!!!

******************* Behind the scene *******************

Nothing makes us more motivated about our work than having such enthusiastic couple.  While they’re battling sizzling temperature and rain, we are …

right there with them.


When they’re enjoying themselves, we’re too … =P


And when they’re changing … uhem … no, we wait.  Speaking of which, I envy Winston’s outfit for the day. =)


My most comfortable moment from the session. =D


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Edith + Dave – {E-Session}

All my life I always believe that God has a plan for everyone, including the one who we’ll be sharing our journey with for the rest of our life.  And after I heard about Edith and Dave’s love story during our first interview, this totally confirm my believe.

They’re great people to hang out with individually.  But the little flare and chemistry that is generated when they’re together just throw me off the chair.  They’re just so incredibly cute!!  But more to that later. =)


It was quite a wet day but we still manage have some great photo fun.  Two thumbs up for our lovely couple!!

EdithDave_20100821160430   EdithDave_20100821161323EdithDave_20100821161240 edithdave_20100821161353

To my amazement, Dave actually plays in band.  So when it comes to props, below is a no-brainer. =)

EdithDave_20100821165608EdithDave_20100821165954 EdithDave_20100821170215

EdithDave_20100821170051 EdithDave_20100821172050 EdithDave_20100821165133EdithDave_20100821173143

Edith, you look AWESOME!


Remember I said they`re incredibly cute?  Here is just one of the examples.

EdithDave_20100821181722 EdithDave_20100821181719EdithDave_20100821181720 EdithDave_20100821181721


By now you should’ve noticed their outfit.  This is by far the funniest outfit I’ve ever shot!  Not only they’re matching lips, but the lips sticks!! 


EdithDave_20100821185428  EdithDave_20100821190629 EdithDave_20100821190811

I’ll end this post with one of my favs.


Edith and Dave, congratulations to your up coming wedding.  And we can’t wait to be part of it! =)

******************* Behind the scene *******************

Yeah, it was a wet day and we were soak lying on the ground.  But it’s well worth it. =)

EdithDave_20100821161211edithdave_20100821160946EdithDave_20100821172330 edithdave_20100821165052 edithdave_20100821171804

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Carol + Elton – {Wedding Highlights}

This is the Wedding Highlights of Carol and Elton.

When I heard the couples’ love story I was so touched by what they have went through in their relationship. Although there were a lot of ups and downs, they held on to what is precious to them and stood by each other’s side. I could feel the love and admirations that they have for each other. It was such an unforgettable encounter. I am so happy to be able to witness this happy moment in their life.

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