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Amy + Brian {E-Session}

Half-day from work; passionate couples; sunny afternoon – What else can you ask for to start our Civic Holiday. 
Brian himself is an avid photographer.  The pictures that he took for Amy from various trips are more than enough to fill an e-session slideshow.  However, it would be almost impossible for him to capture the passion and love between Amy and himself.  And that’s when Timeless Moment came in to help.
We started our session at the Quadrangle, which is the backyard of the main Trinity College building.  It was a such a beautiful scene to have the historical building as the backdrop of this lovely couples.

amybrian_20100730163909amybrian_20100730164327 amybrian_20100730164204amybrian_20100730163538amybrian_20100730164532 amybrian_20100730164646amybrian_20100730163622amybrian_20100730165207
They are natural born models. It took no time for them to warm up. Within minutes, they were already very comfortable with us.


There were so many things to photograph around UofT.  We ended up spending almost an hour and a half there.

amybrian_20100730171715amybrian_20100730171715-2amybrian_20100730171717amybrian_20100730171800 amybrian_20100730172336amybrian_20100730174532amybrian_20100730180151amybrian_20100730180657amybrian_20100730180331
We then continued our session at the Distillery Districts. amybrian_20100730191025amybrian_20100730191018 amybrian_20100730191024amybrian_20100730193821
There was a side story during our session at the distillery. At the end of the session, when we were about to board the car to go to the next location, Amy announced that she had lost her ring! She panic a bit, and then slowly traced back to where we came from.  Luckily she was able to find the ring in the parking lot about 30 feet from our car. Phew!
We are glad that you’ve found the ring!

After the little episode, we made our way to the Harbour Front.  The Harbour Front has a very special meaning to the couples.  amybrian_20100730204937amybrian_20100730204656amybrian_20100730210809amybrian_20100730213008 amybrian_20100730213752
It was fun to shoot Amy and Brian’s e-session.  Looking forward to their wedding in September!

******************* Behind the scene *******************
We love to shoot ourselves to show others how hard working we are. =D
amybrian_20100730164621    amybrian_20100730170157
We tried our best to make ourselves look as good as the couples.  Well, as least we tried.

This is what I usually do when we are taking breaks … Shooting leavesamybrian_20100730173037
and waiting for the baits to come to the sweet spot.  amybrian_20100730184924

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Carol + Elton – {Married}

Is it just me or this year just feels like one of the hottest summers we ever had?  Doesn’t really matter, we had a GREAT day to start off our wedding of Carol and Elton!

carolelton_20100710071601 carolelton_20100710082600carolelton_20100710063218 carolelton_20100710063423carolelton_20100710075008 carolelton_20100710075244-2 carolelton_20100710073333carolelton_20100710080507 carolelton_20100710084102carolelton_20100710092445-2 

The ceremony takes place in Central United Church.  And I have to say, I just LOVE our flower girl and ring bearer.  They’ve been cooperating the whole time.  And especially our ring-bearer, who played a vital role in the union of Carol and Elton. =)

carolelton_20100710110435v2 carolelton_20100710110355carolelton_20100710110501carolelton_20100710110513-2 carolelton_20100710111508carolelton_20100710111026 carolelton_20100710111202carolelton_20100710111355carolelton_20100710112034

After the ceremony, our official photo fun begins!

carolelton_20100710122435-2carolelton_20100710122748 carolelton_20100710122307carolelton_20100710122816

Of course, our session will not be successful without our very cool and helpful wedding party.  Thanks guys!


What can I say?  We’re blessed to have our lovely couple who is as adventurous as we do.  And boy oh boy, Carol and Elton, you look INCREDIBLE!

carolelton_20100710141946carolelton_20100710141649 carolelton_20100710141705carolelton_20100710142353-2carolelton_20100710153710carolelton_20100710153946 

After our afternoon session, we head off to Grand Baccus for our evening celebration!

carolelton_20100710164637carolelton_20100710180345carolelton_20100710180944carolelton_20100710201315 carolelton_20100710201649carolelton_20100710214908carolelton_20100710221051carolelton_20100710234539

Carol and Elton, thank you for including us in your wedding.  It’s a pleasure for us to capture all the special moments of your big day.  Love ya! =)

******************* Behind the scene *******************

OK, I heard men are the sexiest when they’re at work.  So here we are, team timeless! =P

carolelton_20100710090928usatwork_20100710121810 - Copycarolelton_20100710113506usatwork_20100710234912-2   carolelton_20100710181255 

Hmm… and when I’m not at work? =)


OK, I can explain this.  It’s a sunny afternoon in the woods.  Guess where the mosquitos are resting?  We’re simply a walking feast to them that afternoon.  But hey, no pain (itch), no gain! =)


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Isaac + Rowena + Kevin

It is almost two years since I took the 7 dwarfs picture for Isaac. He was about 9 months old.    36x20

He is now a two and half years old toddler who will officially become a big brother in a couple of weeks. Time really does flies.  I still thought I took the picture for him last year.  

I was honoured to be invited to have another family portrait session with the Lo’s family last Sunday.  Thank God, the weather was extremely nice.  Sunny day with temperature in the mid 20s.  What else can you ask for?

Isaac was an active boy back then, and he is still an active boy now.


Isaac is such a cute loving boy.


We slowly worked our way into the wood.


And Isaac loved to play swing with is Mom and Dad.


After a short walk in the wood, we came to an open area with a field of grass.  This was one of my highlights of the day! The light was almost perfect and everybody was so relax. 

It was nice to see Mom and Dad were having some peaceful time.  I can’t remember when was the last time I did that with Sheila. isaacrowenakevin_20100725173859

Isaac was enjoying himself too.

isaacrowenakevin_20100725174843 isaacrowenakevin_20100725173949-2

Mom and Dad joined in with the fun.


These are some of my favourites.


After the grass session, we went to the docking area to take some more great shots.


And finally we ended our session at the beach.

 isaacrowenakevin_20100725184455  isaacrowenakevin_20100725191703  isaacrowenakevin_20100725190617isaacrowenakevin_20100725191515  

We had so much fun during the session.  There was nothing more a photographer could’ve asked for – we had great weather, great light and most importantly a great couple with a cute little boy to make my day go by so quickly.  Thanks you guys.

P.S. Hey Kevin, show me your EP2 and Leica lens next time I see you!

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Mabel + Patrick – {E-Session}

A bright sunny afternoon … cute couples … awesome session.  Those are the words I’d use to describe our session with Mabel and Patrick. 

We started our session towards the evening.  And I was drooling with the beautiful evening light.  And I LOOOOVE this one below…


Did I say they’re playful and energetic?  I just LOVE working with them!


For those of you who knows Patrick, you will know he’s an expert with sport shoes!  He can just name anyone’s shoes by only glancing them in split seconds.  To me, this is a divine skill!

MabelPatrick_20100617200139-2MabelPatrick_20100617200435 MabelPatrick_20100617195829MabelPatrick_20100617200206

Yes, we’re specialized in capturing this! =)


Later in the evening, we went into the high school that Patrick worked in and have more fun.  Yeah, I’m not lying.  Both Mabel and Patrick are teachers (despite their cool looks)!  In fact, I graduated from this very high school 10+ years ago!  That brings extra feeling during my shoot.


Miss Lam, you’re the sweetest thing! =D


A little classroom fun too!  For the record, I used to have my history class here. =)

MabelPatrick_20100617210910MabelPatrick_20100617210844 MabelPatrick_20100617210930MabelPatrick_20100617211249

MabelPatrick_20100617211855MabelPatrick_20100617212024 MabelPatrick_20100617212043

I’ll end this post with another favorite of mine!


******************* Something extra *******************

OK, here’s something extra to mark our special year of world cup 2010.  =)

MabelPatrick_20100617191335MabelPatrick_20100617191714 MabelPatrick_20100617191714-2MabelPatrick_20100617191903MabelPatrick_20100617192449

Stay tune my dear friends, I promise this will not be the last time we’ll see our adorable couples here.  I’m looking forward to our next session. =)

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The Vuong’s – Family Portrait Session

Earlier this spring Tony and I had the opportunity to share a joyful afternoon with the Vuong’s family.  The family is blessed with couple lovely boys Quan-Etienne and Quan-Sebastien.  They are fraternal twins, which makes the brothers very special. 


This is our lovely-decorated room, courtesy of mama and papa!
Brotherly love!

Behind the scenes of “brotherly love”…?

The 3 boys!

Thanks very much again Quoc and Susan, to let us have fun with your lovely twins!

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Carmen + Elton FUNBOOTH

Congratulations to Carmen and Elton!  The couple got married at Villa San Michele in Florence in early May and later had their dinner reception with friends and families in Toronto.  DevotedToYou did a great job on planning both the wedding in Florence and the dinner reception in Toronto.  The day went by so smoothly, and the guests had so much fun. 

Elton wanted the guests to have even more fun at the reception by having a photo booth contest.  He asked me if I could help out with the booth, and of course I said YES!

Here are some of the photos from the booth.


I just love the Mexican wrestler mask.


And of course the winner of the photo booth contest is …


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Carol + Elton – {E-Session}

What an awesome Victoria weekend!  Although we got light rain on Saturday, Sunday was Incredible with a big “I”.  And it’s a perfect day to have an engagement session with our sweet couple, Carol and Elton, who will be tying the knot this July. 

CarolElton_20100523153139-2CarolElton_20100523151853 CarolElton_20100523153522CarolElton_20100523153323

I kept telling Carol that her boots are awesome throughout the day.  But honestly, with a bride like her, she can wear anything and make them look great!


We then head to downtown core to have more fun.


And we`ll never get tired for capturing moments like this! =)


Hi birdie!

CarolElton_20100523163553-2CarolElton_20100523174624CarolElton_20100523174559CarolElton_20100523172229 CarolElton_20100523175336CarolElton_20100523191317CarolElton_20100523193145


Carol and Elton, it was a great day to have a photo trip with you, and we can`t wait to witness your wedding this coming July! =)

******************* Behind the scene *******************

Meet `team timeless`.  Yeah, we make you look good, and ourselves too. =P


I have no idea that I have such great posture when taking pictures.  If you see me at the street like this, please call an ambulance for me, just in case. =D


Oh, I must tell you this.  When I`m taking this picture of Winston, I`m actually shooting with my videographer, Felix, from a bush that is swamped by mosquito.  I must thank God that we can come out of the bush alive. =P


Uhem, again, we have a nice guy, Brian, pretending to be mean … not very successful.  =D

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Fun Filled Victoria Day Weekend

It was a busy but fun long weekend.  I shot an e-session on Sunday and a family session on Monday.  Tony is going to blog about the e-session, while I am going to blog about the family session here.
Though I was really tired, it was still fun to take pictures for the Yee’s family.
We started in a park called Kew Garden.  The kids loved the playground in the park.
After the play time, we settled on a nearby open area to have some real family portraits.
And some solo shots.  Thanks for looking at the camera, Abigail!
Aidan is such a big boy now!
Then we went for a walk along the boardwalk of the Ashbridge’s Bay.
EttaEdwin_20100524105526 EttaEdwin_20100524105451
Yes, Adrian was there too …
… with his trademark sand playing technique.
After couple of hours … it was time for a nap time.
And on the way home, I couldn’t resist and had to drop by the Brick Works.
I am flying to Rome tonight … until next time.

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Carol + Howard – {E-Session}

I still remember the day when my good friend Howard sending me a message about getting married.  It was a busy day at work and his single message turned my stressful day to a euphoric one.  And when Carol and Howard asked me to be their wedding photographer, the feeling is indescribably special. 

We spent an afternoon for an engagement session and I must say, Carol and Howard are made for each other.  Carol`s glowing smile matches Howard`s gentle and loving personality perfectly!  Enjoy!! =)

CarolHoward_20100515153828CarolHoward_20100515160612 CarolHoward_20100515161215CarolHoward_20100515160821

This part is funny.  We were down the beach and ready to get some cool shots.  On the way to our destination there were 2 cute little girls spotted our adorable couples.  They were so curious that they kept coming back to the same spot of our shoot.  =)


But no problem, in the end, we get the shots that we want. =D


CarolHoward_20100515162648-2CarolHoward_20100515161332 CarolHoward_20100515161833CarolHoward_20100515163337

Carol, you look FABULOUS!


After we`ve changed to more casual wear, we went ahead to have more shooting fun.

CarolHoward_20100515173149CarolHoward_20100515173354 CarolHoward_20100515173807CarolHoward_20100515182611CarolHoward_20100515191105 CarolHoward_20100515191835-2CarolHoward_20100515192034-2CarolHoward_20100515191727

Carol & Howard, I`m super excited about your wedding.  I`m sure it`ll be tons of fun, and we`ll be capturing every minute of it! =D


******************* Behind the scene *******************

Speaking of capturing every minute of fun, of course we`ll include our very cool team. =)CarolHoward_20100515153630CarolHoward_20100515173902

We`re at a break during the shoot, but I just can`t stop taking cool pictures. =)


Hey, we`ll do anything to keep my couples happy! =P


Well, we can be funny and serious at the same time.  =)


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