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2013 is a year of blessing for me.  Not only I have a lovely family, I’m also surrounded by all the amazing couples who share their most precious moments with me this year.  I wish all my friends and couples to have a Merry Christmas!!  Thank you for an AWESOME year!! =)


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Amy + Jason – {Married}

Meet Amy and Jason, on their very big day!!! =)


All these years as a wedding photographer, I don’t recall ever having the guys arrive 45 mins ahead of schedule.  Koodo to them! =)


Show time!! =)



Morning tea ceremony usually happens quickly, which has a lot of cheering, greetings, laughter, and of course … tea.  Everytime I can freeze a moment like this, I’ll be saying “aww … precious!” in my heart. =)




Cute! =)


The very lovely and energetic wedding party!  They are AMAZING!!!! =)



To see more of Amy and Jason’s wedding, click here or check it out below:

Amy + Jason

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Amy: The moment when I was walking down the aisle.
Jason: When Amy was walking down the aisle.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Amy: Try not to stress the last couple days before the wedding and be worried that things will not turn out right because on the day of, everything will magically come in place 🙂
Jason: Don’t assume everything will turn out perfect. Just allow all your helpers to handle every situation to their best abilities.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Amy: Our wedding games.
Jason: Our wedding games .

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Amy: Nope, I would not change anything.
Jason: Nope, I would not change anything.

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************



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Karen + Karl – {Married}

I am always touched by seeing couples who dated for a long time before getting married. There were so many memories and stories behind their relationships. Karen and Karl are no exception. We were so happy to see Karen and Karl exchanged their vows after 9 years of marathon. Congratulations! We had so much fun at your wedding that we didn’t even want to leave!

KarenKarl_20110806111616 KarenKarl_20110806112849-2

Who would have thought that, Craig, the best man, wanted to hit Karl with a baseball bat when Karl was 9 years old.


This was the fuel for the guys before they set out to pick up the beautiful bride.


Luckily, we didn’t need to use them.


This is one of my favourites.


And from the bride’s side …


Another beautiful gown by Maggie Sottero.


Karen must be really lucky to have a professional chef as a father.


The look from mom to daughter is always my favourite.


It’s time to torture the men!


This door game was one of the most painful, literally, that I had ever seen. But seeing their expression was priceless!

KarenKarl_20110806123451-2 KarenKarl_20110806123702KarenKarl_20110806123707

“For better or worse; Till death do us part; I’ll love you with every beat of my heart; And I swear” You guys should form a boys group. =)


This was sweet!

KarenKarl_20110806124847 KarenKarl_20110806125756

The sun came out just in time for us for the outdoor session. Karl, if you can’t find someone to use your complementary green fee, call me. =)


The Cool.


The Cute.


The ceremony was taken place at the elegant Regency Room inside the Richmond Hill Country Club.


The exchange of rings had marked the beginning of your next chapter of your life. Congratulations!


All of these amazing decorations were made by Karen, Karl and their friends &families.

KarenKarl_20110806153727  KarenKarl_20110806174254

The slideshow revealed that Karl proposed to Karen at her school with the help from her students. Nice job!


The night was filled with happiness and touching moments.

KarenKarl_20110806194216KarenKarl_20110806214910 KarenKarl_20110806215409

The night ended with a dance stand off. If there was a MVP award for the best dancer, I would vote for Kevin!


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


No, that’s Tonny Chan, not Tony Chan.

KarenKarl_20110806151535 KarenKarl_20110806180012

Of course we had to show some of our newly learned skills.


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