Cathy + Ricky – {Married}

This one is special to me.  Lots of laughter, lots of selfies, and a lots of stories.  It’s a special day for Cathy and Ricky. Yup, selfies, and I love the energy! =)  It’s not a huge wedding party, but I love the bridesmaids.  There is no one moment where there’s no laughter between Cathy and her bridesmaids.  And here’s Ricky!   When I first met Ricky, he doesn’t seem to be the super expressive kind.  But boy, he’s funny.  While the relatives and friends finish the tea ceremony and wait for the ceremony to start, they are playing mahjong to kill time.  Being a CBC (check out urban dictionary if you don’t know what it means), no one expects Ricky to know how to play.  But he just jump right into it regardless.  Well, of course we can’t really finish one game, because the bride is ready and we’re heading out for our portrait session … =)  While I’m having fun with Cathy and Ricky, Rika and Jessica are also having the own fun. And all fun are welcome!!! =D Getting ready for ceremony … Detail is what I love, and this one is EXTRA SPECIAL!While the girls are busy touching up for the ceremony, Ricky is busy touching up the wedding cake. Being a cook himself, it’s a no brainer for him.  But to me, THIS IS AMAZING!!!  I can’t stop but sharing this.  Right at the moment when the bride is walking in, this little boy kicked the decoration the lantern rolled onto the floor.  And here he is applying some just-in-time fixing. =)  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this one!  Game time!  Hello my friend, thank you for introducing the Cathy and Ricky to each other! A special dance performance …And let the rest of the celebration begin!