Edith + Dave – {Family Session}

FamilyNov 24 20120 Comments

It’s been two years, and I still remember the fun I had with Edith and Dave on their wedding day.  I still remember the moment when Dave picked up his guitar and sang the very special song to Edith during banquet, and the expression on Edith’s face in return … PRECIOUS!

Two years later, I have another opportunity to capture another GREAT moment of my sweet couples!! 


I must have mentioned before that Dave has incredible talent in music.  Noticed that xylophone?  That is the toy specially hand picked by Dave for their coming baby.  According to Dave, this is one xylophone which has incredibly accuracy on the pitch. =P


“Choice of a mother”, uhem … that’s the title Dave has given this picture when he first see it. =P 


You know me, what fun is a session if there’s no outdoor element, even if November? =)





Thank you God for the tiny bit of light!! =)


And I’m going to finish this post with my personal favorite! =)


Edith and Dave, congratulations on your bundle of joy!!  I’m sure this new experience will be full of God’s blessing!  Until next time! =D