Elaine + Peter – {Married}

May always has unpredictable weather, especially this year.  Who could have thought we still have a 4 degrees day in May?  Regardless, that didn’t stop us from having fun in capturing the story of Elaine and Peter on their big day!!  Let the story begins!!!ElainePeter_20140518081741-2 ElainePeter_20140518085814 ElainePeter_20140518101403-2 ElainePeter_20140518084126ElainePeter_20140518101930

Usually when the groom and his men are having their door games, the bride will be hidden away from the action.  But in this case, the bride was literally 3 feet away from the men, separated by a thin door.  And that’s the reaction I caught her peeking out from the room.  CUTE! =)

ElainePeter_20140518105404 ElainePeter_20140518110257 ElainePeter_20140518105742 ElainePeter_20140518110737 ElainePeter_20140518111710 ElainePeter_20140518114639 ElainePeter_20140518134550 ElainePeter_20140518112546 ElainePeter_20140518124019 ElainePeter_20140518123710 ElainePeter_20140518153601 ElainePeter_20140518172423-2

Elaine, you look ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!!

ElainePeter_20140518165511-2One of my FAV of the day.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the expression!! =)

ElainePeter_20140518170301 ElainePeter_20140518173436-2 ElainePeter_20140518174541 ElainePeter_20140518181517 ElainePeter_20140518182925 ElainePeter_20140518191308 ElainePeter_20140518194722-2 ElainePeter_20140518200305 ElainePeter_20140518202330 ElainePeter_20140518230507

And I’ll end this post with my other favorite of the day!!!!


To see more of Elaine and Peter’s wedding, click here or check it out below:

Elaine +Peter:

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Elaine: I really enjoyed dancing with all the guests.
Peter: Got very drunk at the end of the night to cap off a wonderful day.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Elaine & Peter: Mistakes make memorable weddings, so don’t over-plan and just enjoy the process.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Elaine & Peter: Andy Bello’s legendary speech.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Elaine: We missed out on a lot of activities because we took a long time to change. 
Peter: We messed up our first dance. That was the only regret.


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

My view …


Brian’s view … well, maybe not the most pleasant view. =P


My little intimate moment with the flower girl. =)

elainepeter_20140518133911 elainepeter_20140518114708