Helen + Anthony – {E-Session}

With a blink of an eye, another school year has started.  With another blink of an eye, it’s already 5 years since I first met Anthony!  Give it another blink, woohoo, he’s tying the knot this October!  Wow … time really flies!  And here I am, having tremendous fun of capture the love between these two love birds!

HelenAnthony_20120909152050HelenAnthony_20120909150652 HelenAnthony_20120909150752HelenAnthony_20120909154144

It was TRULY and awesome day for PHOTO-licious!  Well, someone may say it’s a harsh sunny day … but seriously, I can shoot with this unbelievable day ALL DAY LONG!!


Hmm … yummy light with the sweetest couple!

HelenAnthony_20120909161803HelenAnthony_20120909163035HelenAnthony_20120909164748HelenAnthony_20120909170321HelenAnthony_20120909171921 HelenAnthony_20120909171916

RAWWWWWWRRRRRR … hands down, one of my favorites of the day!


Thank you, my lovely balloons, for behaving in this wildly windy day, and become my perfect mirror! =)

HelenAnthony_20120909173335HelenAnthony_20120909173250HelenAnthony_20120909175337HelenAnthony_20120909175609 HelenAnthony_20120909175626HelenAnthony_20120909180330HelenAnthony_20120909180909

Helen and Anthony, thank you for being awesome!  I can’t wait to have a ton more fun on your wedding day! =)

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