Julianna + Behnam – {Married}

Not the greatest weather these days, but Julianna and Behnam’s love story is EPIC!  Breaking through different cultures and united by one God.  This is one great story to tell.They are both gorgeous! So in love … and FUN! What a trooper these two are.  To my future couples, weather does not effect how beautiful your story is.  =)  Getting ready for the ceremony and everyone is excited!!  =)  While the communion is taking place … here will have a snack break for a little girl.I love kids!! They’re adorable! =) and of course, these two also.  Next round of celebration begins!!!!! Every speech comes with a gift, it’s a test of fineness for Behnam putting jewelry on Julianna.  No worries, you have lots of time to practice in the future. =)   If you wonder what this is, the speech is making a reference of an ancient king of Persia.  And yeah, they look alike.  A great and fun dance ritual during cake cutting ceremony. and the finale!