Michelle + Wilfrid + Enoch + Zelok

FamilyAug 19 20121 Comment


Meet my dear friends, Michelle and Wifrid.  They’re both my long time friends.  And they’re both fun and genuine!  And today we have them with their children, Enoch and Zelok.  Do you know which one is which?  Honestly, I can only tell by their height. =)


Woosh!  Splash! =D


Father and son moment, love it!! =)

YangFamily_20120804110502 YangFamily_20120804110502-2YangFamily_20120804111111

And here, mama and son’s moment, awesome! =)

YangFamily_20120804110617 YangFamily_20120804110659

OK, there is where I will stop making comment.  Otherwise, I’ll be “awwwww’ing for every single picture!


Wilfrid and Michelle, thank  you for letting me share a snapshot of joy from your family.  I loved every moment of it.  And the water sequence, SPECTACULAR!  =)