Stephanie + Wun – {Married}


Stephanie + Wun

1. What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Stephanie: Saying our personal vows. I had forgotten that there were nearly 200 guests sitting before us watching us say our vows. It was such a special moment listening to Wun Yan’s vows that all I can remember is seeing the love of my life in front of me!

Wun: During the speech when I cried as I haven’t cried in a while, let alone in a room full of people
Getting the ice cream photos at Richmond Green, it was a very random chance encounter and probably not a common as I’d like to think when it comes to wedding photos.

2. Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Stephanie: Your wedding will be perfectly imperfect. As much as you want to perfect every single moment of the day, there are some things that just don’t run as planned. Don’t let that bother you because your guests will never know about it. Just enjoy every single part of it!

Wun: Prepare and plan for your wedding leading up to the date. When the actual day comes, trust in the helpers you have assigned to carry out your plan. The day is going to go by fast and any small details or nitpicky items missing will go unnoticed as the only people who know about it will be those who planned for it.

3. Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Stephanie: Definitely every single time I was put into the car. It was a fruitless effort for me to get in by myself. I simply dropped myself in the car and let the rest of the wedding party shove the rest of my ginormous wedding gown in.

Wun: Leaving my parent’s house, Stephanie had to get into my car in her wedding dress. As her dress was excessively big, there almost didn’t seem to be enough car to fit her and the dress.

4. If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Stephanie: If I was the God of weather, I would have made it a cooler day. Although the pictures obviously didn’t show it, let’s just say that being in a poofy ballgown and 3-piece suit is anything but comfortable in 30+C heat.

Wun: If I could predict the weather, I probably would’ve had the wedding a week before when the weather was cooler and more cooperative so that we could have an outdoor ceremony. I also would’ve drank all the sparkling wine, wine, and eaten all the desserts and cupcakes!