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Fanchea + Herman – {E-Session}

This year’s best smile award goes to … Fanchea and Herman!  Seriously, I can’t think of a moment where there’s no smiling involved.  They are a joy to work with!

FancheaHerman_20140628093544-2 FancheaHerman_20140628095517 FancheaHerman_20140628091638 FancheaHerman_20140628100102-2 FancheaHerman_20140628100207OK, the only time they’re not smiling is when I need to explicitly ask them not to.  If the day is not muggy and I’m not sweating like crazy on a hot day, I’d have give them my biggest hug! =)FancheaHerman_20140628095335 FancheaHerman_20140628095401 FancheaHerman_20140628101836 FancheaHerman_20140628103259 FancheaHerman_20140628103730 FancheaHerman_20140628104811 FancheaHerman_20140628104924 FancheaHerman_20140628121327 FancheaHerman_20140628122103-2Love this one … sooooo much!FancheaHerman_20140628122604 FancheaHerman_20140628125719 FancheaHerman_20140628150043 FancheaHerman_20140628142917 FancheaHerman_20140628143441 FancheaHerman_20140628142303-2 FancheaHerman_20140628144217-2 FancheaHerman_20140628143814 FancheaHerman_20140628150644 FancheaHerman_20140628150647
To see more of Fanchea and Herman’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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Lydia + Thomas – {E-Session}

Meet my super fun, Lydia and Thomas, and they are super sweet too!LydiaThomas_20140629170947 LydiaThomas_20140629162842-2 LydiaThomas_20140629165557 LydiaThomas_20140629163805It was a pretty muggy day, considering there’s a storm watch!  =PLydiaThomas_20140629163955 LydiaThomas_20140629165424But it’s also the same afternoon where we can find some AWESOME light!!LydiaThomas_20140629170607Love it x 10!!LydiaThomas_20140629170657 LydiaThomas_20140629172914 LydiaThomas_20140629170741 LydiaThomas_20140629174727 LydiaThomas_20140629175216-2My FAVORITE of the day!!!  And don’t worry about the mosquitoes when  shooting in the shades, because I’m a living mosquitoes honey! =PLydiaThomas_20140629173918 LydiaThomas_20140629174007Didn’t I say they are super fun!  GREAT OUTFIT!LydiaThomas_20140629183325 LydiaThomas_20140629183929You’ve got to LOVE the pixel glasses … at one point, I thought my LCD screen on my camera was broken. =DLydiaThomas_20140629182459-2 LydiaThomas_20140629182627This is what I call high risk, high gain!  The beach we were shooting was incredibly crowded.  But the storm clouds were moving in and we can literally see the lightning passing by when we were shooting.  So guess what … the beach was clear (relatively) because of that … and woohoo … nice clouds in the picture! =DLydiaThomas_20140629183124 LydiaThomas_20140629184204-5

To see more of Lydia and Thomas’ engagement, click here or check it out below:

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Carrie + Jonathan – {E-Session}

It was supposed to be a 3 hours engagement, but it turns out to be 8 hours!!  What can I say, shooting Carrie and Jonathan is addictive!! =)


These two are just SOOOO SWWEEEEET!! =)




When I spot this location during our session, I almost drool! =P


How can you NOT enjoy shooting with them? =)


A switch in outfit and location, and we are ALL READY to play with the AWESOME LIGHT!!!  BTW, aren’t they look GORGEOUS? =)


Here, ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of the day!!!!!!!! =D


A little something that describe their hobbies. =)



And time for more excitement!!!!!



Well, may I say … second most favorite of the day. =)


To see more of Carrie and Jonathan’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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Cecilia + Charlton – {E-Session 2}

Remember Cecilia and Charlton from their winter session?  These two love birds will jump through hoops to get not only great pictures, but also pictures that tell a story about their stunning qualities, which is something I emphasize to all my couples.  Having couples and friends that share the same passion and vision as I do is a … TRUE BLESSING!  While you have a taste of their fun during their winter session, summer is perfect season for them to show their true color!!


Folks, if you want to know where to get Cecilia’s gorgeous outfit, you out of luck!  That is a custom made outfit, designed by Cecilia herself!  As described by Cecilia, this is her “thesis”.  So there you go, anyone want to guess what her specialty is? =)


Their smile reminds me of the great sunny day of summer! 


Hello sunshine!! =)


Some of the elements these two want to incorporate in their collection are their job and passion … SIGN ME UP on that! =)


Practically, this whole session has been the highlight of my day … but adding this fabulous light this time of the day … SPEECHLESS!!!


Picture on the left, my favorite of the day!!!! =D


Remember what I say about “jumping through hoops”?  I just LOVE these two!! =)


To see more of Cecilia and Charlton’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

I don’t usually have my couple in this section, but Cecilia’s smile is just TOO GORGEOUS to be ignored!!!! =)


Oh, my dear Brian!!  And thank you Charlton for taking this picture for us, while we’re pretending to be tourist in the museum. =D


FUN is our nickname! =D


Look at this awesome pose!  Perfect example of hiding my weakness while showing off my incredible stability!! =D


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Clara + Timothy – {Pre-wedding}

Everyone, say “HI” to the gorgeous Clara and Timothy!!  Seriously, during the session, I kept being drawn to their BEAUTIFUL smile!  =)


OK, favorite #1 … start counting!



… #2 …


… #3 …


… #4 … OK OK, I’ll stop counting!! =P


The weather had been inconsistent, and thank God for the fabulous day!!


Clara and Timothy, thank you for a fun and enjoyable day.  I look forward to capture your sweetness on your big day this August! =)


To see more of Clara and Timothy’s pre-wedding session, click here or check it out below:

To see more of Clara and Timothy’s pre-wedding session, click here or check it out below:

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The Chung’s Family

I was honoured to be asked to photograph Angel and Gary’s family on a gorgeous Canada Day at the Toronto Centre Island! I mean, who wouldn’t want to photograph such a happy family!
It was such a beautiful day. Nothing beats the warm temperature and clear blue sky.
Angie and Jaden were having some quiet sister and brother time.
Thanks Brian for getting everybody to looking into the camera.
As we continued to stroll to the beach, we almost went into the clothing “optional” beach, which was just directly adjacent to this clothing “mandatory” beach.
Watching them played was so enjoyable!
Chungs_20110701122142 Chungs_20110701122823
Kristen and Angie dressed like twins.
I have said it before and I will say it again, “I love Kids’ feet!”
After lunch, we continued with the session at the main Centre Island, which was like a zoo. Luckily, we were able to find an area without too many people around.
This is one of my favourites!
Thanks again for letting our families to tag along the session. We had so much fun!

************************************** Behind-the-Scene **************************************
It’s not a true Timeless blog post without a behind-the-scene picture.
Hey, Adrian, could you please move away from the frame? =)

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Isaac + Rowena + Kevin

It is almost two years since I took the 7 dwarfs picture for Isaac. He was about 9 months old.    36x20

He is now a two and half years old toddler who will officially become a big brother in a couple of weeks. Time really does flies.  I still thought I took the picture for him last year.  

I was honoured to be invited to have another family portrait session with the Lo’s family last Sunday.  Thank God, the weather was extremely nice.  Sunny day with temperature in the mid 20s.  What else can you ask for?

Isaac was an active boy back then, and he is still an active boy now.


Isaac is such a cute loving boy.


We slowly worked our way into the wood.


And Isaac loved to play swing with is Mom and Dad.


After a short walk in the wood, we came to an open area with a field of grass.  This was one of my highlights of the day! The light was almost perfect and everybody was so relax. 

It was nice to see Mom and Dad were having some peaceful time.  I can’t remember when was the last time I did that with Sheila. isaacrowenakevin_20100725173859

Isaac was enjoying himself too.

isaacrowenakevin_20100725174843 isaacrowenakevin_20100725173949-2

Mom and Dad joined in with the fun.


These are some of my favourites.


After the grass session, we went to the docking area to take some more great shots.


And finally we ended our session at the beach.

 isaacrowenakevin_20100725184455  isaacrowenakevin_20100725191703  isaacrowenakevin_20100725190617isaacrowenakevin_20100725191515  

We had so much fun during the session.  There was nothing more a photographer could’ve asked for – we had great weather, great light and most importantly a great couple with a cute little boy to make my day go by so quickly.  Thanks you guys.

P.S. Hey Kevin, show me your EP2 and Leica lens next time I see you!

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