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Riti + Cory – {E-Session}

When Riti and Cory asked me to come to Distillery District for their engagement session I couldn’t have been more excited!RitiCory_20150821172424-1Riti flied all the way from San Francisco for the weekend for her annual family visit, and I treasure this occasion to have some photo fun with both of them.RitiCory_20150821172614The first few comments I heard from them is that they’re not photogenic.  Now I really don’t know where this comment is coming from.  They are both GORGEOUS!RitiCory_20150821160923RitiCory_20150821154218RitiCory_20150821154547 And they are SUPER FUN to work with too!  RitiCory_20150821154348-2 RitiCory_20150821155425 RitiCory_20150821155906RitiCory_20150821161248 RitiCory_20150821161402-4RitiCory_20150821161116 RitiCory_20150821162001-3 RitiCory_20150821162001-2  RitiCory_20150821163642 RitiCory_20150821163846 A quick change of outfit, we head to our next location … RitiCory_20150821184628with ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS light!!RitiCory_20150821190659 RitiCory_20150821191420-2 RitiCory_20150821194220 RitiCory_20150821193459 I can’t really say this is my favorite picture of the day (although it’s very close), because I LOVE all of them!  =)RitiCory_20150821201753 RitiCory_20150821202000

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Claudia + Kevin – {E-Session}

Meet Claudia and Kevin, they are sweet and cute!


They are getting married September of this year. =)





I LOVE the magic of LIGHT!!!!!  Sweetnessssssss!


And the creativity of my couples TURN ME ON!!!  (Uhem … photographically, I mean)


And meet the multi-talented Kevin!


This is not a normal ring, this is the ONE RING!  The ONE RING that brings them together during Kevin’s proposal! =D


Everyone … hands down … my SUPER FAV of the day!!!  If it’s possible, I would have shot here FOREVER!!!! =D


These two specially requested pictures at night.  And who am I to refuse night time awesomeness?


To see more of Claudia and Kevin’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


Didn’t I say Kevin is multi-talented?  Guys, the camera actually has film in it! =)


And I’ve got to play with the camera too, thanks Kevin!


Thanks Charlton for making my legs long.  My dream came true!


Hobbyists, both of us!


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Vicky + Victor – {E-Session}

Meet my very beautiful couple, Vicky and Victor, who will be tying their knot this coming September in Hong Kong.  I still remember when I first met Vicky, she repeatedly expressed how she LOVE pictures on sunny day.  So on this inconsistent spring afternoon, we begins our journey of sunlight chasing! =)



No sunlight yet?  No problem!  We still have LOTS of fun!!


Thanks to our very energetic Victor! =)


And here we go!!  Gosh, that fires me up too!! =D


Whenever I met my couples, I always emphasize about the chemistry between the couples and their photographer.  These two are another perfect example of how the couple feed off their energy to their photographer!  Coupling that with LOVELY light, I can go ALL DAY LONG!!! =)


And there, my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE sequence of the day!!




Our final picture of the day! =)


To see more of Vicky and Victor’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

My rule of thumb, never ask my couple do something that I can’t do! =P


OK, THIS is not part of my job description.  But who am I to deny a sincere request? =P


Trust me, my props are not that heavy.  =P


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Wendy + Aaron – {Engaged}

Man, I’d never grow tired of shooting engagement sessions, especially when I have all the great couples sharing all the fun with me!  Here we have Wendy and Aaron.  Say hi everyone … they’re just so much fun!  One little random corner near harbour front, and I almost don’t want to leave! =)

WendyAaron_20120915145220WendyAaron_20120915145704 WendyAaron_20120915145957WendyAaron_20120915151824WendyAaron_20120915151259WendyAaron_20120915152420

It wasn’t a super clear day as Wendy had hope, but it surely was a dramatic day for a great shoot!


See what I mean?  Love it! =)

WendyAaron_20120915164111WendyAaron_20120915163857WendyAaron_20120915165133WendyAaron_20120915165635 WendyAaron_20120915165608WendyAaron_20120915172929


WendyAaron_20120915173919-3WendyAaron_20120915181236 WendyAaron_20120915181345WendyAaron_20120915181537

WendyAaron_20120915192322WendyAaron_20120915194739 WendyAaron_20120915194745WendyAaron_20120915194929WendyAaron_20120915203856WendyAaron_20120915203211

To see more of Wendy and Aaron’s engagement session, click here or check it out below.

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


WendyAaron_20120915161713 WendyAaron_20120915161727

Wow … look at that lift!!


Must be too much goose droppings, so I’m forced to shoot in the air!  Gosh … look at this skill!! =P


Wow .. profile picture material … thanks Brian for making me look good! =)


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The Chung’s Family

I was honoured to be asked to photograph Angel and Gary’s family on a gorgeous Canada Day at the Toronto Centre Island! I mean, who wouldn’t want to photograph such a happy family!
It was such a beautiful day. Nothing beats the warm temperature and clear blue sky.
Angie and Jaden were having some quiet sister and brother time.
Thanks Brian for getting everybody to looking into the camera.
As we continued to stroll to the beach, we almost went into the clothing “optional” beach, which was just directly adjacent to this clothing “mandatory” beach.
Watching them played was so enjoyable!
Chungs_20110701122142 Chungs_20110701122823
Kristen and Angie dressed like twins.
I have said it before and I will say it again, “I love Kids’ feet!”
After lunch, we continued with the session at the main Centre Island, which was like a zoo. Luckily, we were able to find an area without too many people around.
This is one of my favourites!
Thanks again for letting our families to tag along the session. We had so much fun!

************************************** Behind-the-Scene **************************************
It’s not a true Timeless blog post without a behind-the-scene picture.
Hey, Adrian, could you please move away from the frame? =)

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Candy + Donny – {E-Session}

It was a day after the stormy weekend.  It was a Monday.  And it’s one of those days to thank God for awesome weather which we all enjoyed a ‘mini-vacation’ with our lovely couple, Candy and Donny!

Both Candy and Donny are devoted Christians.  And boy oh boy, they are just full of fun, full of joy, and full of life.  And you know what, joy is contagious!  I for one surely is infected by this welcoming quality. =)

CandyDonny_20100816155834CandyDonny_20100816160743-2 CandyDonny_20100816160814candydonny_20100816155848

Cute! Cute! Cute!

CandyDonny_20100816163129CandyDonny_20100816163315 CandyDonny_20100816163610CandyDonny_20100816164211-2CandyDonny_20100816165101CandyDonny_20100816170538

Rawrrrrrrr!!!!  I just got extra excited when I see light like that!!! =D

CandyDonny_20100816174514 CandyDonny_20100816174321CandyDonny_20100816174708CandyDonny_20100816175050CandyDonny_20100816175540 CandyDonny_20100816180101CandyDonny_20100816180148

The ‘funnest’ part of our day!

CandyDonny_20100816181436 CandyDonny_20100816185857CandyDonny_20100816185952-2candydonny_20100816183857 (2)CandyDonny_20100816191301CandyDonny_20100816190516CandyDonny_20100816185123CandyDonny_20100816200734CandyDonny_20100816203524

Candy and Donny, you guys are absolutely lovely and awesome to work with!  And we can’t wait to capture every moment of your wedding!!  Love ya!

Oh, I did mention this is a mini-vacation, right?  How can this be a vacation without a ‘tourist’ shot? =P


******************* Behind the scene *******************

And here’s a little documentary of how we enjoyed our ‘vacation’.  Seriously, it’s really enjoyable! =)


This one is fun.  The racoon was stuck there for 5 mins.  I’m not sure if it’s trying to get in or out. =P

CandyDonny_20100816155616teampic_20100816164814 teampic_20100816160857

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