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Kasting 4 Kids 2013

If you follow my blog, you may have already known it is always my dream to use my skills to serve Him.  And I’m truly blessed to be able to fulfill my dream once again, by having the opportunity to capture the Kasting 4 Kids Rehab event this year at the Franklin Club.  This is one of the 2 major charity events for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, which is Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital with a vision of creating a world of possibility for kids with disability. 


I was an absolute beautiful day, compares to the wildly cold day the first time I shot this event. =)




This year, we have some celebrities helping out too!


Timothy Webber, the actor!


And here we have, April Vokey, the professional fly fisher, and the founder of Fly Gal Ventures.  If you google her, she has amazing personal stories of her own too.


It’s so much fun to look at how pro works.  She operates the rod like a magic wand. =)


And here is the crown jewel, the lovely children!


Look at the girl I shot two years ago … she has grown so much taller!  I have so much mixed feeling about this!


And here is another touching story, last year this very same boy was emptied handed during the event.  So the guide this year is on the mission helping him hook a fish.  When I was waiting for the moment, the guide shared his past experience and what motivates him to volunteer in the event.  Normally when someone catches a fish, there will be expression of satisfaction, followed by measurement of the fish, and what to do with the fish.  When a child who stay in the hospital for six months and catch a fish during the event, his first reaction towards the fish was … “WHAT’S YOUR NAME?”  THAT … is priceless!


And LOOK, here’s a FISH!!!! WAY TO GO!! =)


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Kasting 4 Kids Rehab

As I’ve mentioned a while ago, everything that I have in life is from God, and it is always my dream to use my skills to serve Him.  And how meaningful it is to have such an opportunity near Easter weekend!  I’m honoured to be invited to capture the moments of the executive Kasting 4 Kids Rehab event at the Franklin Club.


This intimate occasion brings together 80 leaders from Toronto’s professional community for some friendly fly fishing competition … all for a good cause!

IMG_20110421055533 IMG_20110421062544IMG_20110421061815

It was a day of everything!  From warmth to frost, sunny to hail, everything! =)

IMG_20110421060751 IMG_20110421060806

But it doesn’t stop our guests from a fun-filled and meaningful day!


Fly fishing at its best … beautiful! =)


As part of the event, we also had players from Toronto Argos with us, sharing the fun with the ambassadors from the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital.

IMG_20110421105956IMG_20110421104236 IMG_20110421153539

And speaking of moments, I’m loving it!!


Although my day started at 5:30 in the morning, there was absolutely no regret for such a meaningful occasion!  =)


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Utilizing my skills for Him

When I first set out to have my photography business, it is my DREAM to use my skills to serve God.  After all, everything that I have in my life is from His grace.  So how can I not give it back?  I truly thank God that I had the opportunity to be invited to capture the moments for a charity event that is hosted by School for the children of the World.  Honestly, I haven’t heard about this organization before they invited me.  But after going through their website and read their mission about … “ To Empower children in developing countries through the provision of new school facilities and educational opportunity to make a difference in their lives.” , I simply cannot resist to this noble cause! SCW04201755480002

I mean, come on, when you see innocent face like that, don’t you want every child in the world have equal opportunity for education and carry this  happiness on their face? I know I do!


The event of that night is called ‘Raising Wayne’.  So you can guess it.  I have the honour to meet The Great One’s father, Walter Gretzky!  Woohoo! SCW04201841500017

Everyone who met Walter said how great and friendly he is.  When I had my personal encounter with him, his friendliness is BEYOND all the good comment I heard.  He’s funny, friendly, energetic, and very generous! SCW04201842150018

Here are some of the highlights of the evening…


Lots of memorable posters for silent auction before the main event. SCW04201834020009

And here the main event starts …


I’m totally unexpected to see my name being listed up there.  Thank you SCW. =) SCW04201900450022

And Walter is giving out his very motivated and entertaining speech. SCW04201926150030 SCW04201928380031  SCW04202027150043 

After one main event, another main event starts.  Walter passed out his Olympic torch to everyone to have a moment with it. SCW04202034250048 SCW04202034290049 

And the energetic him gave out autographs nonstop!  His hand just didn`t stop for more than an hour! SCW04202037310054 

And the fans loved it!

SCW04202049590073 SCW04202052350076 

Of course, more pictures from the auction winners. =)

SCW04202105380089 SCW04202117170098 

Oh, I got my opportunity to take a picture with the Great One`s father too. =D SCW04202126120110

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