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Alice + Daniel + Hennes – {Family Session}

Introducing my close friend Alice, Daniel, and little Hennes!


Boy oh boy, look at those cheek!!!


Cheeks with personality. =)


After a cool windy morning, time to warm up in their sweet home.  And taking pictures with these stuff animals brings me special feelings, as they tell me there’s something from my close friends that never change. =)


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Linda + Dmitri

Welcome back, my lovely couples!  Meet Linda and Dmitri again, for their spring session! =)


If you remember, this is part of their four season project.  And finally, it is spring time, full of life, and color! =)


Thank you my WONDERFUL couple for playing along with me, for 4 whole season!!  Love you guys!


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Edith + Dave – {Family Session}

It’s been two years, and I still remember the fun I had with Edith and Dave on their wedding day.  I still remember the moment when Dave picked up his guitar and sang the very special song to Edith during banquet, and the expression on Edith’s face in return … PRECIOUS!

Two years later, I have another opportunity to capture another GREAT moment of my sweet couples!! 


I must have mentioned before that Dave has incredible talent in music.  Noticed that xylophone?  That is the toy specially hand picked by Dave for their coming baby.  According to Dave, this is one xylophone which has incredibly accuracy on the pitch. =P


“Choice of a mother”, uhem … that’s the title Dave has given this picture when he first see it. =P 


You know me, what fun is a session if there’s no outdoor element, even if November? =)





Thank you God for the tiny bit of light!! =)


And I’m going to finish this post with my personal favorite! =)


Edith and Dave, congratulations on your bundle of joy!!  I’m sure this new experience will be full of God’s blessing!  Until next time! =D

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The Vuong’s – Family Session

Meet Susan and Quoc’s family again!  This is actually my third session with this LOVELY family, during this lovely season!


And look, a new family member! =)


Hi baby!!


Who can resist this smile?


Time flies, the first time I meet the twins, they were still crawling!


VuongFamily_20121004161806 VuongFamily_20121004161752VuongFamily_20121004162229

Pose of the day!


Candid of the day! =)



VuongFamily_20121004171127 VuongFamily_20121004171127VuongFamily_20121004171921

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Michelle + Wilfrid + Enoch + Zelok


Meet my dear friends, Michelle and Wifrid.  They’re both my long time friends.  And they’re both fun and genuine!  And today we have them with their children, Enoch and Zelok.  Do you know which one is which?  Honestly, I can only tell by their height. =)


Woosh!  Splash! =D


Father and son moment, love it!! =)

YangFamily_20120804110502 YangFamily_20120804110502-2YangFamily_20120804111111

And here, mama and son’s moment, awesome! =)

YangFamily_20120804110617 YangFamily_20120804110659

OK, there is where I will stop making comment.  Otherwise, I’ll be “awwwww’ing for every single picture!


Wilfrid and Michelle, thank  you for letting me share a snapshot of joy from your family.  I loved every moment of it.  And the water sequence, SPECTACULAR!  =)

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It is my honour to have the opportunity to photograph Angela’s family. Not only that Angela is Sheila’s best friend, but Simon is also my best golfing buddy.

Despite having two toddlers running around during the whole session, and having Adrian using my reflected as frisbee, we are able to get some good shots in.

This one is a surprised and is definitely one of my favourites. The shadow of Aidan’s hand resembles a tiny baby. It’s like Aidan is already connecting with his sister.


If looks could kill …


This is another of my favourites. Everyone is so naturally enjoying their moment.


************************************************************************************ Behind the Scene **********************************************************************************

It was a soccer field before it was transformed to a studio.


Adrian just slept there in the middle of the session.


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Candy + Donny

Whenever I think of Candy and Donny, I always think about their laughter, their joy, and their commitment to God!  Seriously, their engagement and wedding seemed like yesterday to me.  They are just SO MUCH FUN to be with!  And on a very special day, the Mother’s day, I had the pleasure to enjoy their company, and once again document their special moment!


Look, it’s been a WHOLE year, Candy still has the sweetest smile! 


And you know what, a WHOLE year after, we have a very happily married couple waiting for their new family member!  Remember I mentioned about a very special day to document their special moment?  YEAH … a maternity session on Mother’s day!!!  =D 


OK, where’s the fun of a maternity session if we don’t take it outside?  The weather was so great and it is simply impossible not to take advantage of it!!


Hi baby!!


And may I introduce my favourite moment of the day?  LOVE IT!!


Candy and Donny, it’s my tremendous pleasure to witness all the big moments of your life.  And being able to capture all of them, it’s a dream come true to me!  I can’t describe how happy I’m to hear your big news.  Happy delivery and I can’t wait to see the new baby!! =)

**************************************************************** Behind the Scene ****************************************************************

Say hi to Candy, Donny, and Tony’s shadow.  Alright, that’s the best I can do from a solo job. =P


OK, being a good citizen, it’s my duty to put everything back when we’re done. =D


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Before the session, Shirley told me that Kylie may be teething and may get really cranky. But when I was there, I only saw a calm, happy Kylie. Thanks Kylie, for your cooperation!
Those big round eyes are adorable!
Love her toothless smile.
I just can’t get enough of her big round eyes.
My favourite.
Babies are at their cutest when they are sucking their fingers.
A quick change in outfit and location.
And this is why Kylie doesn’t want to look at my camera.
Thanks for having me over. See you guys soon.

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Amy + Mike + Dodo – {Family Session}

This surely is one of the more special sessions for me.  Not only I knew Mike and Amy for a long time, but this time I also got to capture some of the most exciting moments for their beloved … Dodo!!


Hi Dodo! =)


I still remember the first time when I met Dodo, he was still a little puppy licking my fingers.  Now … well, he didn’t change much actually, same size at least. =D

AmyMikeDodo_20110801162719 AmyMikeDodo_20110801171519AmyMikeDodo_20110801164140AmyMikeDodo_20110801172822

Aww …


A very happy family.  Look at Dodo’s smile too!!


One of my favorite for the day!


And there, 2nd favorite of the day! =D


Amy and Mike, thanks for inviting me for a fun day! =D

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