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Ava + Norris – {E-Session}

If there’s a good spirit award, Ava and Norris are definitely the winners!  Nothing seems to bring the spirit down, not even the rainy weather in Fall.AvaNorris_20151024103356.jpg
Their giggles bring sunshine to my day!AvaNorris_20151024103556.jpg
I LOVE their after shot reaction!!AvaNorris_20151024113901-1.jpg
Believe it or not, these photos are taken in the rain.AvaNorris_20151024121211.jpg
And their smile, how can you not fall in love with them?AvaNorris_20151024121211-1.jpg

To see more of Ava and Norris’ engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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Grace + Casey – {Married}

Great summer with great couple, Grace and Casey!  I can recall every time we meet, wedding will only be 30% of our conversation.  The rest will be about life, values, and principles.  They’re more than just a couple, they are friends!  GraceCasey_20150606101432 GraceCasey_20150606064105 GraceCasey_20150606070240 GraceCasey_20150606070941A lot of love and laughter in their wedding, especially oversea love! =)GraceCasey_20150606073744 GraceCasey_20150606104236 GraceCasey_20150606064009 GraceCasey_20150606064003 GraceCasey_20150606074806 GraceCasey_20150606074842 GraceCasey_20150606075651-2 GraceCasey_20150606075632 GraceCasey_20150606080152-2 GraceCasey_20150606080412 GraceCasey_20150606082057 GraceCasey_20150606081953I LOVE this little girl, cuteness x infinity!GraceCasey_20150606084017 GraceCasey_20150606092725Hands down, great tea ceremony of all time.  Not only there is this oversea portion, but the synchronized motion of the cup is INCREDIBLE!!! GraceCasey_20150606093902 GraceCasey_20150606093908-2 GraceCasey_20150606095257 GraceCasey_20150606093907 GraceCasey_20150606093908 GraceCasey_20150606113255 GraceCasey_20150606120527 GraceCasey_20150606120005-2 GraceCasey_20150606120057 GraceCasey_20150606121046 GraceCasey_20150606113034 GraceCasey_20150606114215-2 GraceCasey_20150606114309 GraceCasey_20150606124842 GraceCasey_20150606124919LOL =DGraceCasey_20150606122449 GraceCasey_20150606132312 GraceCasey_20150606132857 GraceCasey_20150606132332 GraceCasey_20150606132325 GraceCasey_20150606133144 GraceCasey_20150606133603 GraceCasey_20150606152826-2 GraceCasey_20150606162905 GraceCasey_20150606153746 GraceCasey_20150606160501 GraceCasey_20150606162722 GraceCasey_20150606163718-2 GraceCasey_20150606174525 GraceCasey_20150606174310-2 GraceCasey_20150606174116 GraceCasey_20150606200820 GraceCasey_20150606201003 GraceCasey_20150606210044 GraceCasey_20150606210049 GraceCasey_20150606222636-2 GraceCasey_20150606222834

To see more of Grace and Casey’s wedding, click here or check it out below:

Grace + Casey:

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Grace: when getting ready to walk down the aisle, my dad started tearing. In fact, I have never seen him this emotional. He was crying the whole time we walked down the aisle.
Casey: The sight of Grace proceeding down the aisle. I never seen Grace so beautiful and stunning.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Grace: Simply follow advices from friends, or even better, entrust them doing everything.
Casey: During the process of planning and decisions making, take the extra effort to respect and honour the wishes of parents and family members. In addition, make the effort to include them in major decisions and planning. It maybe uncomfortable and challenging, but in the long run it will be worth the extra effort and hassle.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Grace: The many tulle layers of my wedding gown became insect nets/traps when we were taking photos in the park, and seeing flies & bugs slowly crawling upward in the gown.
Casey: The live streaming skype with my relatives in Hong Kong during the tea ceremony. My cousins coordinated the tea ceremony hilariously.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Grace: Would try not to be so procrastinated.
Casey: Maybe choose a wedding date more carefully? So that there’s no association with the numbers ‘666’. For instance: Saturday (6th day of the week) June (6th month of the calendar year) 6th (6th day of the month). LOL

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Linda + Dmitri (3)

Woohoo … another fun Fall session, and with familiar faces!  This is my 3rd session with this super sweet couples!  I still remember they wanted their first session to be in Fall.  But by the time we headed out for a shoot, it’s almost Winter.  Now finally, we finally can catch some great Fall color … YEAH!!!!


Look, after almost a year, you can totally prove FABULOUS is embedded in their gene!!

LindaDmitri_20121018171432 LindaDmitri_20121018171614LindaDmitri_20121018172822LindaDmitri_20121018181616



Now everyone, here comes my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE for the session!!!!!





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Fashion Shoot

Timeless Moment is not only about Love, but also about fashion. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to help one of my clients, Amy, to do a photo shoot for her fashion styling assignment. We will be shooting Amy + John’s wedding next June. I can’t wait to see your Cinderella style wedding dress!

The shoot was taking place in a forest near Bur Oak and McCowan. The day of the shooting was cold and breezy. I was grateful that we were shooting in the forest because with the amount of wind, I would not be able to keep those light stands up had we not been shooting in the forest.

Joyce was our model of the day.  Thanks so much for braving the cold!amyproject_20101121160305_2amyproject_20101121160958_2amyproject_20101121162922_2

Joyce started out a little bit stiff, but she soon became more relax and was able to unveiled her true personality.


Loved how the light breeze gently lifted up her hair.

amyproject_20101121165901_2amyproject_20101121170122_2 amyproject_20101121170403-2_2

It was a fun afternoon shooting with you girls.  You can count me in for your next assignment. =)

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Isaac + Rowena + Kevin

It is almost two years since I took the 7 dwarfs picture for Isaac. He was about 9 months old.    36x20

He is now a two and half years old toddler who will officially become a big brother in a couple of weeks. Time really does flies.  I still thought I took the picture for him last year.  

I was honoured to be invited to have another family portrait session with the Lo’s family last Sunday.  Thank God, the weather was extremely nice.  Sunny day with temperature in the mid 20s.  What else can you ask for?

Isaac was an active boy back then, and he is still an active boy now.


Isaac is such a cute loving boy.


We slowly worked our way into the wood.


And Isaac loved to play swing with is Mom and Dad.


After a short walk in the wood, we came to an open area with a field of grass.  This was one of my highlights of the day! The light was almost perfect and everybody was so relax. 

It was nice to see Mom and Dad were having some peaceful time.  I can’t remember when was the last time I did that with Sheila. isaacrowenakevin_20100725173859

Isaac was enjoying himself too.

isaacrowenakevin_20100725174843 isaacrowenakevin_20100725173949-2

Mom and Dad joined in with the fun.


These are some of my favourites.


After the grass session, we went to the docking area to take some more great shots.


And finally we ended our session at the beach.

 isaacrowenakevin_20100725184455  isaacrowenakevin_20100725191703  isaacrowenakevin_20100725190617isaacrowenakevin_20100725191515  

We had so much fun during the session.  There was nothing more a photographer could’ve asked for – we had great weather, great light and most importantly a great couple with a cute little boy to make my day go by so quickly.  Thanks you guys.

P.S. Hey Kevin, show me your EP2 and Leica lens next time I see you!

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