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Diana – Class of 2013 {High School Senior}

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you our “High School Senior” session from Timeless Moment.  But more importantly, let me introduce you our lovely Diana, from class of 2013!


Not only her fabulous smile and shining quality, but Diana’s clear vision of career goal truly impressed me. 


Seriously, for a moment I thought I was shooting a professional model! =D




Diana, I wish you best of luck in your studies, and have an awesome career!!! =)


For those of you who is interested in portrait or family session, please contact us at contact@timelessmoment.ca.

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Josephine + Alan – {Married}

If we have a “most genuine smile” award, the winner must be Jo and Alan.  They have demonstrated this during their e-session.  And once again, the same smile and atmosphere filled up their whole wedding day!  And we’re glad to be part of it! =)


Coolest cufflinks ever!


Now onto the bride side …

JoAlan_20110924084400JoAlan_20110924084533 JoAlan_20110924090839JoAlan_20110924093026

We have the MOST well behaved flower girl right here!!  And did I mentioned cute too?


Let the ‘moment-licious’ BEGINS!!


While everyone was witnessing Jo and Alan’s sweetest moment, we have this cutest boy enjoying himself at the back!  Seriously, I was like, awwwwww….. =)

JoAlan_20110924114957JoAlan_20110924114923JoAlan_20110924115807JoAlan_20110924120442 JoAlan_20110924120442-2 JoAlan_20110924120444JoAlan_20110924120529JoAlan_20110924120649JoAlan_20110924130541-3JoAlan_20110924130813

Now, work it work it!!


Jo and Alan, I’m so happy God has brought you both together. I enjoyed being a part of your day!


To see more of Jo and Alan’s wedding, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow or simply watch it here:

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


Male model, right here! =P


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Jennifer + Adrian – {E-Session}

A great sunny day seems a little hard to come by these days.  It finally came last weekend, and we had our BEAUTIFUL couples, Jennifer and Adrian, joining us for a fun photo trip!!

These two came all the way from Kitchener Waterloo, where they first met and started their love journey.  And it brings me warm feelings when they mentioned places that I used to pull my all-nighters in school. =)


Our session started at the Guild Inn Garden.  It had been quite a while since I shot in this beautiful garden.


But honestly, it was our couples that made this place magical.  Jennifer, you are GLOWING!!! =)

JenniferAdrian_20110605163711 JenniferAdrian_20110605172028JenniferAdrian_20110605163043-2JenniferAdrian_20110605163019 JenniferAdrian_20110605163153

Definitely, one of my favorite of the day! 


Our couples decided to bring some props for the shoot.  Since their story started in a library, textbooks would be a great idea. =)

JenniferAdrian_20110605172508 JenniferAdrian_20110605180618

Cute! =)




After a change of outfit, we continued our shoot at the bluff.


The light for the day was so PERFECT … and that truly matched their expression! =)

JenniferAdrian_20110605194218JenniferAdrian_20110605194155 JenniferAdrian_20110605194240

And we found a good little pond of water from the storm the other night.  AWESOME!!!! =D


Another sweet moment!!


Jennifer and Adrian, thank you very much for a fun-filled photo shoot.  We enjoyed every moment of it, and we can wait to capture in coming wedding in September!!!!  =)

*********************************************************** Behind the Scene ***********************************************************

It’s our specialty to carry purse and shoot at the same time. =P



Ok grooms, don’t be scare.  I have a wife.  I was just demonstrating a pose to my couples. =P


And don’t worry about the ground being dirty or getting wet.  We have all the gear for you to stay clean and dry. =)


Ok, the lake water this time around is FREEZING!!  The 5 minutes I stayed in water reminds me of Titanic … =)


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