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Linda + Dmitri

Welcome back, my lovely couples!  Meet Linda and Dmitri again, for their spring session! =)


If you remember, this is part of their four season project.  And finally, it is spring time, full of life, and color! =)


Thank you my WONDERFUL couple for playing along with me, for 4 whole season!!  Love you guys!


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Linda + Hong – {E-Session}

This has to be one of the earliest e-sessions of the year.  And thank you Linda and Hong for playing along with us! =)


Early hours come with the sweetest light, and couple that with the sweetest moment, voila!

LindaHong_20120406082209-2LindaHong_20120406082753LindaHong_20120406085818LindaHong_20120406091119 LindaHong_20120406091143

This is my personal favorite!  And I must say this, Linda, your eyes can smile too! =)





Hong loves toys!  So on top of our ‘coverage’ will the lovely couples, we have another sequence for Optimus Prime, Megatron and Shockwave too!  This definitely brings back a lot of my childhood memories.


Right, did I say Hong loves toys? =P


We spent our last stop of our couples’ high school.  Yeah, seriously, THAT’s the high school!!  =)


Linda and Hong, we can’t wait to have more fun on your wedding day!


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

On top of our usual fun with our couple, here it is, the timeless ‘spying’ fun. =P


A little duel with Winston and me. =D


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Linda + David – {E-Session}

Woohoo … Finally, it’s spring time!!  And here we have Linda and David, who will be tying the knot this June!


The light was the MONEY that morning!!


A quick change in outfit, we headed to another fabulous location!

LindaDavid_20120407101825LindaDavid_20120407102144LindaDavid_20120407095058LindaDavid_20120407102217 LindaDavid_20120407102231

My favorite of the day!


To see more of Linda and David’s e-session, play the slideshow below:

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


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Karen + Karl – {E-Session}

We are very grateful that almost 100% of our clients have known us via referrals – either directly through our past clients or families/guests of our past clients. And Karen and Karl are no exception. We met Karl at his brother’s wedding in Mexico last October, which we had a blast shooting.

This past Sunday, we went out for their e-session, in the rain. Yes, it was yet another wet e-session, but nothing could stand in the way of this lovely couple.

We started our session at the Toronto Carpet Factory


Karen and Karl were so much fun to work with. I just loved Karen’s playful expression. This is easily one of my favourites.

KarenKarl_20110515150629 KarenKarl_20110515150645KarenKarl_20110515150624 KarenKarl_20110515150719 

We wanted to get inside the Factory, but we were not able to find the security guard. So we continued to stroller around the property.


What do you do when you have a pair of long rain boots? Splash! Splash! Splash!


When we were about to give up going into the building, we saw a guy from an office cleaning company leaving. We quickly asked him if he could let us into the building to take some photos. Of course he was going to say yes. Who dared to deny this sweet couple.


The interior of the Toronto Carpet Factory is truly amazing – high ceiling, large windows … you name it. It makes you feel that you are back in the 1920s.

KarenKarl_20110515152848-2 KarenKarl_20110515152509KarenKarl_20110515153247

Karen you looked gorgeous.


You too Karl. =)

KarenKarl_20110515154512 KarenKarl_20110515154040_2 KarenKarl_20110515155137 

After a quick change of setting and outfits, we headed over to High Park to catch the last glimpse of the cherry blossoms.

Look at the love birds! Another favourite.


This was cute!

KarenKarl_20110515164423 KarenKarl_20110515163724

Congratulations to Karen and Karl again. We are so looking forward to your wedding in August!

*********************************************************** Behind the Scene ***********************************************************

The guy behind me was the one who opened the door for us. Thanks!

KarenKarl_20110515152102 KarenKarl_20110515152221

This is when you get too comfortable on what you do!


I always put detail oriented on my resume. 😀 Here is the picture to prove it – I was fixing a petal on Karen’s shoe.


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