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Linda + Hong – {Married}


Congratulations to our newly wed, Linda and Hong!  You know what, this is one wedding that reminds me all the sweetness of family … BIG FAMILY!   And this one is a cocktail of family values, and fun!


This is awesome! =)


And here we go, all the sweet memories of family and values … it feels like home to me!


Hail to the digital age! =)


LindaHong_20120825093439LindaHong_20120825095915LindaHong_20120825094312 LindaHong_20120825094420LindaHong_20120825094231LindaHong_20120825100918 LindaHong_20120825100925



It is not until we set out for our portrait session to realize it is also the day of Fan Expo!  When we arrive at the location, I was like … AWESOME!!!


Sweetest moment of the day!!


LindaHong_20120825171944LindaHong_20120825172538 LindaHong_20120825172551LindaHong_20120825172446 LindaHong_20120825172949LindaHong_20120825173141

LindaHong_20120825174653LindaHong_20120825181636 LindaHong_20120825185052 LindaHong_20120825174220LindaHong_20120825174857

And now, let the fun begin!!  A little “musical” for first dance!


LindaHong_20120825192447LindaHong_20120825195400 LindaHong_20120825195744 LindaHong_20120825195231LindaHong_20120825200812

And a little DDR action! 


All fun aside, here we have some of the most touching moments of the day.  As a photographer, it is my personal honour to document all the stories and emotions around me.  I certainly would not know the detail of the conversation, but I do know my eyes were watery behind my camera, when I see a young man shedding his tears and sharing his laughter in his grandma’s arms. 

LindaHong_20120825211439-2 LindaHong_20120825211833LindaHong_20120825211348LindaHong_20120825211735



To see more of Linda and Hong’s wedding, click here or check it out below.

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


Guess where I am?  Honestly, I totally forgot what I’m shooting at. =P


OK, this is not me.  This is one of the picture I took during our portrait session.  And seriously, at my very first glance on this guy, I really thought that was my dad, especially by his “unique” hair style.  But after looking at his then kids, then I finally have my sigh of RELIEF!  I mean … come on, there’s no way I have younger brothers like that! =P



And look, Winston is so hot that someone is secretly taking picture of him! (j/k) =P


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Karie + Ben – {Married}

It is with my GREAT excitement to show you these!!!  Our very lovely and super nice couple, Karie and Ben, who came all the way from Boston for their wedding!  Before I met Karie and Ben, the first thing I think about Boston is … Boston Celtics, and Bruins.  But from now on, Karie and Ben will trump this first impression. =)

Seriously, we didn’t start our day ‘that’ early.  It’s just our great Toronto season, which allows me to take such beautiful picture.


Hi gorgeous!!!


And now our awesome groom!!


I must admit, this is one of the more challenging games to ‘win’ the bride I’ve seen. =)

KarieBen_20111008090853KarieBen_20111008090516 KarieBen_20111008090513 KarieBen_20111008090512KarieBen_20111008092615-2KarieBen_20111008094448KarieBen_20111008115513

Thank God for the perfect Fall weather!  And the ceremony took place in a classy and intimate church.

KarieBen_20111008141137KarieBen_20111008130350KarieBen_20111008130341KarieBen_20111008130404KarieBen_20111008132308 KarieBen_20111008132356-4KarieBen_20111008132803

FUN time for us!! =D

KarieBen_20111008143755KarieBen_20111008143402 KarieBen_20111008143405

Karie and Ben, thanks for playing along with us.  You were AWESOME!!


I just love all the details in the wedding.  Thank you Charlotte for designing the awesome logo and backdrop! =D

KarieBen_20111008174517 KarieBen_20111008183429 KarieBen_20111008174350KarieBen_20111008173644KarieBen_20111008185349-2KarieBen_20111008202032

Hello cutie, thank you for suiting up! =)


Karie and Ben, thank you for inviting us to be your wedding photographers.  You guys are AMAZING!  I wish you have a very merry and joyful love journey for years to come!! =D


To see more of Karie and Ben’s wedding, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow or simply watch it here:


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


Look, see who is ready to give up his possessions for God, and who’s not? =P 

karieben_20111008140357-2 KarieBen_20111008140445KarieBen_20111008160907

Our intimate moment of the day! =D


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Jennifer + Adrian – {Married}

Their love journey started in school library, the very same library that I spent countless hours studying when I was in school.  So the moment Jennifer and Adrian shared their love story to me, I could immediately relate every scene they described.  And the more they share their story, the more connected I felt. 

Their big day finally came.  And it happened on a perfect day.  Well, yes, it started as a cloudy day.  But man, as the day unfold, God just gave us the perfect condition at the perfect time!

JenniferAdrian_20110917081109JenniferAdrian_20110917085856 JenniferAdrian_20110917085619

See? Beautiful BEAUTIFUL day!! =)


A gorgeous smile from a beautiful bride … PRICELESS!


Jennifer and Adrian decided to have their first look before their ceremony.  And I must say, this is the SWEETEST moment of the day!!  Jennifer and Adrian, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for allowing us to capture such precious moment! =)



Thank you our wedding party for playing along with us.  You guys are awesome!!!

jenniferadrian_20110917100902TSJenniferAdrian_20110917111637 JenniferAdrian_20110917111644JenniferAdrian_20110917111742JenniferAdrian_20110917114015JenniferAdrian_20110917110421

Hands down, no question, my FAVORITE of the day!!!!! =)

JenniferAdrian_20110917120204-2JenniferAdrian_20110917115019 JenniferAdrian_20110917114638


JenniferAdrian_20110917174426JenniferAdrian_20110917161653 JenniferAdrian_20110917180800 JenniferAdrian_20110917180158

Did I say we have an awesome wedding party?  The glee entrance were just GREAT!!

JenniferAdrian_20110917193015 JenniferAdrian_20110917193034JenniferAdrian_20110917193044JenniferAdrian_20110917194554JenniferAdrian_20110917212153JenniferAdrian_20110917200733

It was a pleasure to have Parliament Music Group with us during the banquet.  They were truly amazing and really brought life to the dance floor! =)

JenniferAdrian_20110917221124JenniferAdrian_20110917224313 JenniferAdrian_20110917222150 JenniferAdrian_20110917224753 JenniferAdrian_20110917224210JenniferAdrian_20110917225247 JenniferAdrian_20110917225209 JenniferAdrian_20110917225035 JenniferAdrian_20110917224949

Jennifer and Adrian, thank you for inviting us to be your wedding photographers.  It has been great fun to capture all the precious moments from your wedding.  We wish you have a great and happiest love journey for years to come!!! =)


To see more of Jennifer and Adrian’s wedding, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow or watch it here:

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

While our couples was about to have their first look, I was about to have MY first look with Brian, OMG! =P


OK, let’s bring our ‘float’ to the next level!!  No worries, I didn’t fall off the stairs. =D


Didn’t I say we had an awesome band?  Look, even Brian can’t keep his feet on the ground. =P


And here’s Carmen joining out fun.  She is an awesome wedding planner from Devoted To You.  Carmen, thank you for making our couples happy.  You truly made our day easy. =D


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