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Kasting 4 Kids Rehab

As I’ve mentioned a while ago, everything that I have in life is from God, and it is always my dream to use my skills to serve Him.  And how meaningful it is to have such an opportunity near Easter weekend!  I’m honoured to be invited to capture the moments of the executive Kasting 4 Kids Rehab event at the Franklin Club.


This intimate occasion brings together 80 leaders from Toronto’s professional community for some friendly fly fishing competition … all for a good cause!

IMG_20110421055533 IMG_20110421062544IMG_20110421061815

It was a day of everything!  From warmth to frost, sunny to hail, everything! =)

IMG_20110421060751 IMG_20110421060806

But it doesn’t stop our guests from a fun-filled and meaningful day!


Fly fishing at its best … beautiful! =)


As part of the event, we also had players from Toronto Argos with us, sharing the fun with the ambassadors from the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital.

IMG_20110421105956IMG_20110421104236 IMG_20110421153539

And speaking of moments, I’m loving it!!


Although my day started at 5:30 in the morning, there was absolutely no regret for such a meaningful occasion!  =)


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Fashion Shoot

Timeless Moment is not only about Love, but also about fashion. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to help one of my clients, Amy, to do a photo shoot for her fashion styling assignment. We will be shooting Amy + John’s wedding next June. I can’t wait to see your Cinderella style wedding dress!

The shoot was taking place in a forest near Bur Oak and McCowan. The day of the shooting was cold and breezy. I was grateful that we were shooting in the forest because with the amount of wind, I would not be able to keep those light stands up had we not been shooting in the forest.

Joyce was our model of the day.  Thanks so much for braving the cold!amyproject_20101121160305_2amyproject_20101121160958_2amyproject_20101121162922_2

Joyce started out a little bit stiff, but she soon became more relax and was able to unveiled her true personality.


Loved how the light breeze gently lifted up her hair.

amyproject_20101121165901_2amyproject_20101121170122_2 amyproject_20101121170403-2_2

It was a fun afternoon shooting with you girls.  You can count me in for your next assignment. =)

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Recently, I had an opportunity to travel to Italy for a week.  There wasn’t a purpose for the trip.  It was just a way to get myself out of the routine, ordinary life.  I felt that my creativity had reached a plateau.  The “job” as a photographer had prevented me to try or even think of some new crazy ideas.  I was worried that trying out new things would prevent me to deliver the product to the clients.  I was also worried that the clients might not like to see their photographers wasting time on trying out the crazy ideas.  Anyway, in this trip, I was able to just shoot whatever I want – good, bad, stupid, nonsense … you name it.  Alright, enough of talking.  Here are some of the photos I took during the trip.
This photo was taken on the first night I was in Rome.  I wasn’t planning to take this picture.  I didn’t even have the tripod with me.  But I didn’t want to waste such a beautiful twilight.  So I sat on the ground, held my breath and just shoot.  Thanks to the technology, I was able to produce a relatively sharp photo of the Coliseum in the twilight.

Here are some other photos I took on the day I actually went inside the Coliseum.Italy__20100604105142Italy__20100604092249
Rome has many faces.  On one side, it shows the grandness of all the monuments; on the other side, it shows the lives of the ordinary people minding their own business on the narrow streets.

One of the good things about travelling alone is that you can sit on the ground and wait for the moment without having someone dragging you to the next “stop”. 

Well, this security guard did ask me to leave after I sat on the floor of the Vatican Museum for too long.  I was trying to capture the loneliness of the guard sitting in front of the window.  However, there were just too many people walking by.  And when the room was cleared, the guard walked away from the window.  So I was never be able to capture the photo I had in mind.  Oh well, next time I guess.


Speaking of Vatican Museum, the must have photo is the double helix ramp, spiral staircase, whatever you want to call it. I, of course also took some photos of the staircase.  I am sure most people have seen enough photos of the staircase from above.  So I will just show the same staircase from the ground level. Italy__20100603121129
You can’t leave Vatican without visiting the St. Peter’s Basilica.  You would have to pay 5 Euro and climb 517 steps if you want to get to the top of the dome.  The climb was well worth the money and effort.  But it wasn’t much of a photo opportunity.  The only thing that was worth taking photo was this.Italy__20100603155424
During the 7 days, I took a day trip to Capri.  Capri is an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula, on the south side of the Gulf of Naples, in the Campania region of Southern Italy.  My main purpose to go to Capri was to see the Blue Grotto.  Unfortunately, the Blue Grotto was closed because the sea was too rough.  Nonetheless, Capri is a beautiful island.  Italy__20100601132926Italy__20100601163657Italy__20100601145652  
Beside Capri, I also took a day trip to Florence.  The main attraction was of course the Duomo.  It made such a nice background for the garbage truck.Italy__20100605114911
Another shot of the Duomo from Piazzale Michelangelo.

Other shots from Florence.

And I almost missed my train because of this shot.

It was a great experience to go on a solo trip, especially when you didn’t have a set goal in mind.  The experience will set the purpose itself. 
The things that I learned from this trip are:
1. You really are lost when the police tells you that you are in an area outside of the tourist map.
2. You are really experiencing the local when you are out in an area outside of the tourist map.
3. It’s stupid to bring a flash and a pair of FlexTT5 when you are going solo.
4. You know you need a new laptop when you can’t surf and lightroom at the same time.

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Fun Filled Victoria Day Weekend

It was a busy but fun long weekend.  I shot an e-session on Sunday and a family session on Monday.  Tony is going to blog about the e-session, while I am going to blog about the family session here.
Though I was really tired, it was still fun to take pictures for the Yee’s family.
We started in a park called Kew Garden.  The kids loved the playground in the park.
After the play time, we settled on a nearby open area to have some real family portraits.
And some solo shots.  Thanks for looking at the camera, Abigail!
Aidan is such a big boy now!
Then we went for a walk along the boardwalk of the Ashbridge’s Bay.
EttaEdwin_20100524105526 EttaEdwin_20100524105451
Yes, Adrian was there too …
… with his trademark sand playing technique.
After couple of hours … it was time for a nap time.
And on the way home, I couldn’t resist and had to drop by the Brick Works.
I am flying to Rome tonight … until next time.

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Utilizing my skills for Him

When I first set out to have my photography business, it is my DREAM to use my skills to serve God.  After all, everything that I have in my life is from His grace.  So how can I not give it back?  I truly thank God that I had the opportunity to be invited to capture the moments for a charity event that is hosted by School for the children of the World.  Honestly, I haven’t heard about this organization before they invited me.  But after going through their website and read their mission about … “ To Empower children in developing countries through the provision of new school facilities and educational opportunity to make a difference in their lives.” , I simply cannot resist to this noble cause! SCW04201755480002

I mean, come on, when you see innocent face like that, don’t you want every child in the world have equal opportunity for education and carry this  happiness on their face? I know I do!


The event of that night is called ‘Raising Wayne’.  So you can guess it.  I have the honour to meet The Great One’s father, Walter Gretzky!  Woohoo! SCW04201841500017

Everyone who met Walter said how great and friendly he is.  When I had my personal encounter with him, his friendliness is BEYOND all the good comment I heard.  He’s funny, friendly, energetic, and very generous! SCW04201842150018

Here are some of the highlights of the evening…


Lots of memorable posters for silent auction before the main event. SCW04201834020009

And here the main event starts …


I’m totally unexpected to see my name being listed up there.  Thank you SCW. =) SCW04201900450022

And Walter is giving out his very motivated and entertaining speech. SCW04201926150030 SCW04201928380031  SCW04202027150043 

After one main event, another main event starts.  Walter passed out his Olympic torch to everyone to have a moment with it. SCW04202034250048 SCW04202034290049 

And the energetic him gave out autographs nonstop!  His hand just didn`t stop for more than an hour! SCW04202037310054 

And the fans loved it!

SCW04202049590073 SCW04202052350076 

Of course, more pictures from the auction winners. =)

SCW04202105380089 SCW04202117170098 

Oh, I got my opportunity to take a picture with the Great One`s father too. =D SCW04202126120110

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