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Bonnie + Rony – {E-Session}

If there is a “most spontaneous of the year” award, it must be going to Bonnie and Rony!  There were so much laughter in their session that I just couldn’t get enough!!  And because of that, what was supposed to be a 3 hours session had become a 6 hours session.  And you know what, by the time I finished the session, it felt like I only spent an hour with them!  Oh … I must be fallen into a spell! =P


Alright, let’s pour out the fun!!  BTW, I’ll try to keep quiet and let you really feel the fun from them. =)

BonnieRony_20120901153144BonnieRony_20120901152455 BonnieRony_20120901152527BonnieRony_20120901152628BonnieRony_20120901152501BonnieRony_20120901154630BonnieRony_20120901154335BonnieRony_20120901160420BonnieRony_20120901155436

BonnieRony_20120901155906 BonnieRony_20120901155908BonnieRony_20120901160852BonnieRony_20120901160913BonnieRony_20120901162259 BonnieRony_20120901162301


BonnieRony_20120901185739BonnieRony_20120901184656BonnieRony_20120901190013 BonnieRony_20120901190014BonnieRony_20120901191219BonnieRony_20120901192354 BonnieRony_20120901192353

Pssst, be sure to check out the slideshow if you want to find out the truth in this scene. =P


BonnieRony_20120901200717BonnieRony_20120901200020 BonnieRony_20120901200106BonnieRony_20120901201512

Bonnie and Rony, thank you for casting the “happy” spell on me (hmm … that sounds weird)!  You two are incredible to work with.  I can’t wait to have our next sesson! =)


To see more of Bonnie and Rony’s engagement session, click here or check it out below.

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

ALRIGHT, now … it’s the to showcase the “Timeless” side of awesomeness!  First off, we have Brian demonstrating his unique passion towards Antifreeze! =P


Now … me showing off the ultimate skills of chasing buses, and what to do if the bus is full!!

IMG_3134 IMG_3179

Woohoo … where’s the hottie? (behind the viewfinder, of course) =P


Uhem … I have no idea how “elegant” I was gliding.  I must do it more often, if the handle can hold my weight. =P

BonnieRony_20120901190201BonnieRony_20120901192029 BonnieRony_20120901192815IMG_3548

OK, next time I’ll have a better idea demonstrating my strength. =P


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Michelle + Wilfrid + Enoch + Zelok


Meet my dear friends, Michelle and Wifrid.  They’re both my long time friends.  And they’re both fun and genuine!  And today we have them with their children, Enoch and Zelok.  Do you know which one is which?  Honestly, I can only tell by their height. =)


Woosh!  Splash! =D


Father and son moment, love it!! =)

YangFamily_20120804110502 YangFamily_20120804110502-2YangFamily_20120804111111

And here, mama and son’s moment, awesome! =)

YangFamily_20120804110617 YangFamily_20120804110659

OK, there is where I will stop making comment.  Otherwise, I’ll be “awwwww’ing for every single picture!


Wilfrid and Michelle, thank  you for letting me share a snapshot of joy from your family.  I loved every moment of it.  And the water sequence, SPECTACULAR!  =)

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