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Grace + Marc – {E-Session}

It’s been a pretty strange year so far.  Summer supposed to come but not really.  And temperature has been very inconsistent.  No biggy, we still have a fun couple in Grace and Marc! =)

7 years of shooting, I have never see a deer up close in my life, in Scarborough!  And we’re shooting 10 feet away from it! =)

To see more of Grace and Marc’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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Virginia + Gary – {E-Session}

Wedding season is in FULL THROTTLED!!  I’m excited for all the opportunities to go out and shoot, and of course documenting some of the most exciting people I’m meeting this year.   Here we have … Virginia and Gary, who will be tying the knot this August!! =)

VirginiaGary_20150523165852-1VirginiaGary_20150523170900 VirginiaGary_20150523171145-1 VirginiaGary_20150523175144 VirginiaGary_20150523175925 VirginiaGary_20150523175436-1 VirginiaGary_20150523181333 VirginiaGary_20150523180814Virginia’s favorite dessert place, 0109.VirginiaGary_20150524121146 VirginiaGary_20150524124332Cute! =)VirginiaGary_20150524124403And thank you for the owner to open the store for us extra early. =)VirginiaGary_20150524123219 VirginiaGary_20150524122825 VirginiaGary_20150524122609 VirginiaGary_20150524123739Yup, ice-cream is supposed to be cold. =PVirginiaGary_20150524124542 VirginiaGary_20150524122902Back to work! Work it, work it! =DVirginiaGary_20150523185103And have tons of fun!VirginiaGary_20150523190002 VirginiaGary_20150523184706 VirginiaGary_20150523193818 VirginiaGary_20150523195919I’d usually ask my couples to bring along things that they enjoy to do.  And here we have darts and volleyball.  Thank you Gary for putting his physical being on the line.  Imagine where the dart will land if it’s “off target”. =DVirginiaGary_20150523201812 VirginiaGary_20150523201700-1 VirginiaGary_20150523201207 VirginiaGary_20150523201212 VirginiaGary_20150523202711A few campus pictures, bring back memories…VirginiaGary_20150523221430and personalities … =PVirginiaGary_20150523215028-1 VirginiaGary_20150523215433-1 VirginiaGary_20150523215339 VirginiaGary_20150523215454 VirginiaGary_20150523222317 VirginiaGary_20150523231851-1 VirginiaGary_20150523231705

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Lydia + Thomas – {E-Session}

Meet my super fun, Lydia and Thomas, and they are super sweet too!LydiaThomas_20140629170947 LydiaThomas_20140629162842-2 LydiaThomas_20140629165557 LydiaThomas_20140629163805It was a pretty muggy day, considering there’s a storm watch!  =PLydiaThomas_20140629163955 LydiaThomas_20140629165424But it’s also the same afternoon where we can find some AWESOME light!!LydiaThomas_20140629170607Love it x 10!!LydiaThomas_20140629170657 LydiaThomas_20140629172914 LydiaThomas_20140629170741 LydiaThomas_20140629174727 LydiaThomas_20140629175216-2My FAVORITE of the day!!!  And don’t worry about the mosquitoes when  shooting in the shades, because I’m a living mosquitoes honey! =PLydiaThomas_20140629173918 LydiaThomas_20140629174007Didn’t I say they are super fun!  GREAT OUTFIT!LydiaThomas_20140629183325 LydiaThomas_20140629183929You’ve got to LOVE the pixel glasses … at one point, I thought my LCD screen on my camera was broken. =DLydiaThomas_20140629182459-2 LydiaThomas_20140629182627This is what I call high risk, high gain!  The beach we were shooting was incredibly crowded.  But the storm clouds were moving in and we can literally see the lightning passing by when we were shooting.  So guess what … the beach was clear (relatively) because of that … and woohoo … nice clouds in the picture! =DLydiaThomas_20140629183124 LydiaThomas_20140629184204-5

To see more of Lydia and Thomas’ engagement, click here or check it out below:

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Leanne + Jason – {Married}

A beautiful wedding with lots of detail and fun! =)


Seriously, this is the first time I saw a bride got ready early AND help out in make up! =)


And on the groom’s side …



Meet the very fun and energetic wedding party! =)



To see more of Leanne and Jason’s wedding, click here or check it out below:

Leanne + Jason

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Leanne:  It is so difficult to choose just ONE memorable moment on our wedding day as there were so many!  If I had to choose one, I would say that walking down the aisle at the Christian ceremony and exchanging our vows was very memorable.  Everything was just so beautiful, calm and perfect to the point that it made me cry and I NEVER cry:P

Jason:  The Christian Ceremony it was perfect, and when we were all entering the hall for the first time. 

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Leanne:  My number one advice for future brides & grooms are – do what makes both of you happy and don’t listen to anyone!  I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding planning process as I did everything that represented us as a couple and not take other people’s opinions into consideration.  It is very easy to get caught up with other people’s suggestions and opinions on what your wedding should be like but if you stick to guns and do what YOU want as a couple, you will end up very happy with the results.  That’s what happened with our wedding.  We did everything OUR way and everything we saw that day was simply us!

Jason: stay strong, be happy and take it in it a goes so fast.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Leanne:  My funniest and you could also say most annoying memory of my wedding day was that people kept stepping on my wedding dress and made me lose some of the buttons on the back of my dress!  My wedding dress had an extremely long train and even after putting it on a bustle, it was still long enough for people to keep stepping on it.  Each time a person did that, I would lose a button on the back of my dress.  It got to the point where I had no more buttons to put my train on a bustle so I ended up changing into another dress during the reception.  It didn’t end there.  Because my second dress had a little train as well, people did the same thing with my second dress!!!

Jason: all of the joke we had with the bridal party.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Leanne:  If I had to do it all over again, I would totally eat more of the yummy food that was served at our reception.  We had very delicious h’orheurves at cocktail hours, a 10 course Chinese meal, an amazing variety of sweets including a candy bar that I could barely remember eating as I was just so caught up with the moment!  I remembered people warning me that you tend to forget to eat at your wedding as there is just so much commotion going but for me, I think I was just lazy to reapply my lipstick LOL

Jason: Nothing god gave us the day and I would not change a thing.

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************



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Leanne + Jason – {E-Session}

It is the hottest day of the year so far!  But boy oh boy, that doesn’t stop me from having fun with these two! 


Meet Leanne and Jason! 


Spend 2 minutes listening to how they interact with each other, you’ll be contaminated by their fun too. =)


My FAVVVV!!! =)


Cute! =)



Closing this post with another favorite of mine! =)


To see more of Leanne and Jason’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

Uhem … seriously, I really don’t know what I was talking about, nor I have any idea what that gesture stands for. =P


Guess where I put my lens cap!!


Sorry, the ground is just too hot. =P


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Annie + Anderson – {Married}

Weather had been a little unpredictable lately.  Well, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun at all!  In fact, we had one of the funnest wedding day, in terms of weather.  We started off with a very wet morning at Mandarin Golf and Country Club.

AnnieAnderson_20120908112039AnnieAnderson_20120908111832 AnnieAnderson_20120908115427

Meet our fun groom.

AnnieAnderson_20120908115006AnnieAnderson_20120908115248 AnnieAnderson_20120908115259AnnieAnderson_20120908123633AnnieAnderson_20120908121831AnnieAnderson_20120908121329

And our BEAUTIFUL bride! =)

AnnieAnderson_20120908133414 AnnieAnderson_20120908140152AnnieAnderson_20120908133336

Yeah, the morning was wet.  And you know what the BEST thing about wet weather on a country club?  We have the WHOLE course for ourselves!! =)

AnnieAnderson_20120908141608AnnieAnderson_20120908142333 AnnieAnderson_20120908141051

One question I’ve got asked from my couples the most is what happened if it rains.  As a photographer, I’d always tell my couples not to worry.  And this is why. =)


With wedding party as fun as this, I can work in any conditions!!



Well, this is not my camera obviously.  But when I see something as cool as this, I just can’t stop myself from taking a picture.  In fact, this was NOT the only cool camera I saw in this wedding.  It was a camera showcase! (Note to Henry’s and Vistek, you’ve got to up your game!) =P


My definition of “Through The Lens”!


Did I mention a funnest wedding day?  God DOES have the best plan for everyone.  Right around time for ceremony, we have one of the greatest afternoons for the month!


Psst, guys, pay attention! =P

AnnieAnderson_20120908162240AnnieAnderson_20120908162458 AnnieAnderson_20120908162458-2AnnieAnderson_20120908170059AnnieAnderson_20120908190846AnnieAnderson_20120908190803

AnnieAnderson_20120908201143AnnieAnderson_20120908175540AnnieAnderson_20120908175336 AnnieAnderson_20120908175422AnnieAnderson_20120908175602AnnieAnderson_20120908195613AnnieAnderson_20120908192955

Perfect game for the perfect place!

AnnieAnderson_20120908195319 AnnieAnderson_20120908195321AnnieAnderson_20120908195800AnnieAnderson_20120908210024AnnieAnderson_20120908211215AnnieAnderson_20120908210850AnnieAnderson_20120908211513

For some of our HK readers, some pop star power on display!


To see more of Annie and Anderson’s wedding, click here or check it out below.


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

Aww … look at the posture!  That takes years of martial training! =P


OK, don’t mind that little brown land in the middle of the green.  Look, Winston looked so cool!


Again, we took care of our bride’s wedding gown.  Here, I just need to spread our “protective sheet” before laying the gown on the ground! =P


Yup, it was a very windy morning.  I need to get a new umbrella for my next bride. =D


Hello team Timeless!  Just taking a little advantage of the AWESOME light!

AnnieAnderson_20120908185237 AnnieAnderson_20120908185349AnnieAnderson_20120908164737AnnieAnderson_20120908184101

I know Winston would love his turn!


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Helen + Anthony – {E-Session}

With a blink of an eye, another school year has started.  With another blink of an eye, it’s already 5 years since I first met Anthony!  Give it another blink, woohoo, he’s tying the knot this October!  Wow … time really flies!  And here I am, having tremendous fun of capture the love between these two love birds!

HelenAnthony_20120909152050HelenAnthony_20120909150652 HelenAnthony_20120909150752HelenAnthony_20120909154144

It was TRULY and awesome day for PHOTO-licious!  Well, someone may say it’s a harsh sunny day … but seriously, I can shoot with this unbelievable day ALL DAY LONG!!


Hmm … yummy light with the sweetest couple!

HelenAnthony_20120909161803HelenAnthony_20120909163035HelenAnthony_20120909164748HelenAnthony_20120909170321HelenAnthony_20120909171921 HelenAnthony_20120909171916

RAWWWWWWRRRRRR … hands down, one of my favorites of the day!


Thank you, my lovely balloons, for behaving in this wildly windy day, and become my perfect mirror! =)

HelenAnthony_20120909173335HelenAnthony_20120909173250HelenAnthony_20120909175337HelenAnthony_20120909175609 HelenAnthony_20120909175626HelenAnthony_20120909180330HelenAnthony_20120909180909

Helen and Anthony, thank you for being awesome!  I can’t wait to have a ton more fun on your wedding day! =)

To see more of Helen and Anthony’s engagement session, click here or check it out below.

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Linda + Dmitri (2)


Remember Linda and Dmitri?  I had my first session with them back in November.  This time around in their second session, it’s MUCH warmer!  And of course, A LOT OF FUN!

LindaDmitri_20120830183737LindaDmitri_20120830184943LindaDmitri_20120830184759 LindaDmitri_20120830185029LindaDmitri_20120830190920LindaDmitri_20120830191931

LindaDmitri_20120830184556 LindaDmitri_20120830184559LindaDmitri_20120830192442LindaDmitri_20120830192710 LindaDmitri_20120830192708

A little side story … we’re supposed to start our session at a particular location.  Our bride called and visited the management of that location even ONE day before our session, and everything was fine.  But you know what, the minute I arrived the location, !! Boom !!, the whole site became a construction zone!  So here we go, a little something to remember this day! =)


Linda and Dmitri, thank you for playing along with me.  You guys are GREAT!!


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Gabby + Barry – {Married}

Vegas Vegas Vegas!  Here we are, with our awesome couples, Gabby and Barry!  And what can be more fun than beginning our shoot with Vegas’ special!

GabbyBarry_20120608142058GabbyBarry_20120608190445 GabbyBarry_20120608190459GabbyBarry_20120608191615GabbyBarry_20120608201305GabbyBarry_20120608200926GabbyBarry_20120608195808 GabbyBarry_20120608195840



And now the BIG day of Gabby and Barry!  Seriously, there was absolutely no special effect done on the ‘heart shape’ light.

GabbyBarry_20120609135546GabbyBarry_20120609161654 GabbyBarry_20120609161011GabbyBarry_20120609153200

Meet our gorgeous bride! =)


and the fun bridesmaids! =)


A little boost before the battle …

GabbyBarry_20120609163820GabbyBarry_20120609165339GabbyBarry_20120609165544 GabbyBarry_20120609165712GabbyBarry_20120609172004GabbyBarry_20120609172134GabbyBarry_20120609173826GabbyBarry_20120609181000

It’s photographer’s dream to have so many details for the day. =)

GabbyBarry_20120609180916 GabbyBarry_20120609180904GabbyBarry_20120609182050GabbyBarry_20120609185334

GabbyBarry_20120609151646GabbyBarry_20120609195956 GabbyBarry_20120609203202GabbyBarry_20120609144015-2GabbyBarry_20120609211118

Gabby, you are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!

GabbyBarry_20120609210649 GabbyBarry_20120609210500GabbyBarry_20120609212110


Speaking of moments, this is the one that I cannot pass!  Just when our groom is getting ready to join hands with the bride, our cutest flower girl jump right in front and have the hand shake.  Truly, I was smiling behind my camera!!





Ah, more Vegas’ specials!!  This is AWESOME!


Gabby and Barry, it was a great honour to be involved in witnessing the BIGGEST day of your life!!  It is absolutely a incredible experience!  We can’t wait to see you in Toronto! =)


To see more Gabby and Barry’s wedding, click on the link or check it out below:

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

Sorry, just can’t resist … =D


Degree of sexy at its highest!!

GabbyBarry_20120609212232 GabbyBarry_20120609204435-2

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