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Victoria + Robert – {Proposal}

After months of planning, finally the big day has come!  And I’m honour to be a part of this! The chat has been VERY busy, as we have big team in this operation.  Messages have been flying every 5-10 minutes for 6 hours. =D  And the moment comes!!  PRICELESS!!   Meet the team!  AWESOME work guys!!!  Now let’s have some photo fun! =D Victoria and Robert, it’s a GREAT pleasure witnessing your precious moments.  Congratulations, and love you two!! =D

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Ava + Norris – {E-Session}

If there’s a good spirit award, Ava and Norris are definitely the winners!  Nothing seems to bring the spirit down, not even the rainy weather in Fall.AvaNorris_20151024103356.jpg
Their giggles bring sunshine to my day!AvaNorris_20151024103556.jpg
I LOVE their after shot reaction!!AvaNorris_20151024113901-1.jpg
Believe it or not, these photos are taken in the rain.AvaNorris_20151024121211.jpg
And their smile, how can you not fall in love with them?AvaNorris_20151024121211-1.jpg

To see more of Ava and Norris’ engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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Rita + James – {E-Session}

Hmm … a cold, but a delicious engagement session.  A good morning with Rita and James! =)

RitaJames_20141107111531 RitaJames_20141107115032RitaJames_20141107120133Always great to see my lovely couple enjoying their own little world!  LOVE IT! =)RitaJames_20141107114304RitaJames_20141107113928RitaJames_20141107112649-3RitaJames_20141107115449RitaJames_20141107124125RitaJames_20141107123726RitaJames_20141107121453RitaJames_20141107124505RitaJames_20141107134025RitaJames_20141107140317RitaJames_20141107135416RitaJames_20141107124756RitaJames_20141107142345

To see more of Rita and James’ engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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Iris + Thomas – {E-Session}

Weather is hard to predict lately, and I’m glad I have decent weather for my sweet couples, Iris and Thomas.  They’re cute! =)IrisThomas_20141013133732-2

IrisThomas_20141013140106LOVE LOVE LOVE this expression, so happy! =)IrisThomas_20141013133732



IrisThomas_20141013151657-2NICE! =PIrisThomas_20141013145124














To see more of Iris and Thomas’ engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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Nancy + Tom – {E-Session}

Fall weather is known to be unpredictable.  But thank God for a warm and lovely weather, without rain!  That means more fun for me with Nancy and Tom on their engagement session … hoooraaaay!!! =)NancyTom_20141025140727NancyTom_20141025140727-2NancyTom_20141025143723NancyTom_20141025144623-2NancyTom_20141025144623NancyTom_20141025150547NancyTom_20141025150902NancyTom_20141025153505NancyTom_20141025152330NancyTom_20141025154623NancyTom_20141025154100NancyTom_20141025160351NancyTom_20141025155311NancyTom_20141025164337NancyTom_20141025164701NancyTom_20141025163804NancyTom_20141025163804-2NancyTom_20141025173407NancyTom_20141025172816

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Grace + Casey – {E-Session}

Awesome weather, lovely couples, meet Grace and Casey!  GraceCasey_20140928135946-2 GraceCasey_20140928135913 GraceCasey_20140928135946GraceCasey_20140928142725 GraceCasey_20140928142739Brainstorming what to include in their engagement session is a no brainer.  And our brainstorming session naturally becomes an extended chat about favorite characters from different novels.  Truly enjoyable! =)GraceCasey_20140928141904-2 GraceCasey_20140928142408GraceCasey_20140928142230 GraceCasey_20140928141922 GraceCasey_20140928155329 GraceCasey_20140928155746 GraceCasey_20140928160517 GraceCasey_20140928160905-2 GraceCasey_20140928161500GraceCasey_20140928162719-2 GraceCasey_20140928170654-2 GraceCasey_20140928170654 GraceCasey_20140928171048 GraceCasey_20140928172653 GraceCasey_20140928184107 GraceCasey_20140928184107-2 GraceCasey_20140928183837 GraceCasey_20140928181937 GraceCasey_20140928185005

To see more of Grace and Casey’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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Karen + Scott – {Married}

Meet Karen and Scott, they are fun!  I first met these two over a skype chat, when they’re planning their wedding back in Vancouver.  After spending a day capturing their sweet moments, I wish I could’ve known them earlier!

KarenScott_20140719102815KarenScott_20140719101940-2So much history in Karen’s room … that certainly feels like home! =)

KarenScott_20140719115858 KarenScott_20140719120442-2 KarenScott_20140719112859 GORGEOUS bride …

KarenScott_20140719104353 With her LOVELY friends!!

KarenScott_20140719115647 KarenScott_20140719101118 KarenScott_20140719125651 KarenScott_20140719125934 KarenScott_20140719132359-2Love this moment!

KarenScott_20140719132752-2 KarenScott_20140719134505 KarenScott_20140719125954 And over to the boy’s side …KarenScott_20140719140631 KarenScott_20140719141540 KarenScott_20140719144644 KarenScott_20140719142443 KarenScott_20140719153016KarenScott_20140719153053-2KarenScott_20140719153051 KarenScott_20140719153550 KarenScott_20140719153808 KarenScott_20140719154039 LOVE you all!  Not even the rain can ruin their spirit!!! KarenScott_20140719160733 KarenScott_20140719162238 KarenScott_20140719162013-2 KarenScott_20140719163239KarenScott_20140719163423-2KarenScott_20140719163616 KarenScott_20140719164020 KarenScott_20140719164447-2 KarenScott_20140719164508 KarenScott_20140719164534 KarenScott_20140719165405 KarenScott_20140719173957-2 KarenScott_20140719205917 KarenScott_20140719190756 KarenScott_20140719184526 KarenScott_20140719184645 KarenScott_20140719204053KarenScott_20140719193014 KarenScott_20140719194307 AWESOME outfits from the MC.  The force is strong with them! =PKarenScott_20140719195348KarenScott_20140719211526 KarenScott_20140719220933 KarenScott_20140719220947 KarenScott_20140719221105 KarenScott_20140719221144-2 KarenScott_20140719221148 KarenScott_20140719221304 KarenScott_20140719221611-2 My utmost respect to grandma, who still got the moves! =)KarenScott_20140719222551 KarenScott_20140719222927-2 KarenScott_20140719215915 KarenScott_20140719230019-3 KarenScott_20140719224605 KarenScott_20140719221742-2

To see more of Karen and Scott’s wedding, click here or check it out below:

Karen + Scott

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Karen: It’s really hard to choose one, there were so many moments full of love and happiness and I was concentrating the whole time to remember it all! One of the most memorable moments might have been the first look. I had had the opportunity to “spy” on Scott from the bridal suite and he looked so handsome, but something about walking towards him, knowing he was so nervous and excited to see me, anticipating the look on his face when he saw me, I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. I almost think that because it was raining, there were fewer people around and it made the moment more special for me. Beyond that, I think first walking into the hall and seeing everyone I love and care about and particularly Scott, waiting at the end, was incredible. Makes my heart beat just thinking about it!
Scott: Definitely seeing karen at the first glance. I don’t think i’ve ever felt so full of nervous energy in my life! She looked gorgeous and i can remember thinking, how’d i pull this off!?

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Karen: I think everyone says this, but really trying to be present and mindful about everything and not sweating the small stuff. The day really does fly by but I tried my best to slow down every moment and commit it to memory. I think also, depending on what your schedule is, having all photos done before the ceremony (including a first look if that makes sense for you) is really important. After the ceremony, all I wanted to do was say hi to everyone, give hugs all around, so I’m glad we didn’t have to go do more “official” photos!
Scott: Just chill out and enjoy the day, it goes by extremely quickly, so don’t sweat the little details. Everything works out for the best and taking each moment in is what’s important.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Karen: I think there was just so much laughter throughout our wedding. I remember laughing a lot through the ceremony which was amazing (especially when I said, “so many tears” during the vows,…while crying). Similarly, our MC’s were absolutely amazing. When they came out in homemade Jedi outfits and lightsabres, I nearly died laughing. But secretly, I think the funnies moment was when we were cutting the cake. We did the whole, “cut the cake together, pose with it, feed each other” thing, but then people requested that we mock cut the cake again for more photos. So we did, and then the knife broke! I just made the most hilarious/terrible face and reached for Scott, as he said, “this is why we can’t have nice things” which just made me laugh so hard.
Scott: When the knife fell apart after the second pass at the cake cutting. There have been some photos of karen’s face when it fell apart in her hands and it was priceless.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Karen: I don’t think I would change much! We talked about how, oh it would have been nice if it wasn’t raining so we could have had the ceremony outside, but then we realized with all the events going on, there would have been SO many people around (I already got heckled a bunch of times in the rain, positive heckles, but still) and it would have taken away with how intimate and amazing the ceremony was indoors. It was pretty much a perfect night and we had an unbelievable amount of fun. The best!
Scott: Nope, there were a few hiccups, but they all came together to create an event we’ll be able to look back on happily for the rest of our lives.

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

My way to stay dry … relatively. =PKarenScott_20140719154034 - Copy I have no idea I’m ‘that’ flexible!  =PKarenScott_20140719183159 - Copy

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Elaine + Peter – {Married}

May always has unpredictable weather, especially this year.  Who could have thought we still have a 4 degrees day in May?  Regardless, that didn’t stop us from having fun in capturing the story of Elaine and Peter on their big day!!  Let the story begins!!!ElainePeter_20140518081741-2 ElainePeter_20140518085814 ElainePeter_20140518101403-2 ElainePeter_20140518084126ElainePeter_20140518101930

Usually when the groom and his men are having their door games, the bride will be hidden away from the action.  But in this case, the bride was literally 3 feet away from the men, separated by a thin door.  And that’s the reaction I caught her peeking out from the room.  CUTE! =)

ElainePeter_20140518105404 ElainePeter_20140518110257 ElainePeter_20140518105742 ElainePeter_20140518110737 ElainePeter_20140518111710 ElainePeter_20140518114639 ElainePeter_20140518134550 ElainePeter_20140518112546 ElainePeter_20140518124019 ElainePeter_20140518123710 ElainePeter_20140518153601 ElainePeter_20140518172423-2

Elaine, you look ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!!

ElainePeter_20140518165511-2One of my FAV of the day.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the expression!! =)

ElainePeter_20140518170301 ElainePeter_20140518173436-2 ElainePeter_20140518174541 ElainePeter_20140518181517 ElainePeter_20140518182925 ElainePeter_20140518191308 ElainePeter_20140518194722-2 ElainePeter_20140518200305 ElainePeter_20140518202330 ElainePeter_20140518230507

And I’ll end this post with my other favorite of the day!!!!


To see more of Elaine and Peter’s wedding, click here or check it out below:

Elaine +Peter:

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Elaine: I really enjoyed dancing with all the guests.
Peter: Got very drunk at the end of the night to cap off a wonderful day.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Elaine & Peter: Mistakes make memorable weddings, so don’t over-plan and just enjoy the process.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Elaine & Peter: Andy Bello’s legendary speech.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Elaine: We missed out on a lot of activities because we took a long time to change. 
Peter: We messed up our first dance. That was the only regret.


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

My view …


Brian’s view … well, maybe not the most pleasant view. =P


My little intimate moment with the flower girl. =)

elainepeter_20140518133911 elainepeter_20140518114708

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