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Jo + Alan – {E-Session}

It was a perfect day for Jo and Alan’s e-session. The beautiful weather matched perfectly with their sweet smile. Jo told me that Alan likes the “green” stuff, while she likes buildings/structures. With that in mind, Brickworks would be the ideal location to start our session.

The renovation/construction at Brickworks is finally done and they have opened up the abundant factory for public! No more sneaking in. 😉

People who play Starcraft are GAMERS, not NERDS!

JosephineAlan_20110605151924 JosephineAlan_20110605152307 JosephineAlan_20110605153045

Jo, you have such a beautiful smile.

JosephineAlan_20110605153441 JosephineAlan_20110605153354 JosephineAlan_20110605153927JosephineAlan_20110605154137 

They are such a happy couple that they can’t stop laughing!

JosephineAlan_20110605154443 JosephineAlan_20110605154726

Now on to the Green stuff.


Man, I wanted to join you guys too.

JosephineAlan_20110605160547 JosephineAlan_20110605162025 

Bokenicious vs. Jo and Alan’s smile? Of course, their smile wins!


A quick change of outfit and location.

JosephineAlan_20110605173018 JosephineAlan_20110605173940JosephineAlan_20110605174507-2JosephineAlan_20110605181315JosephineAlan_20110605181550

This orange bike was featured on the Toronto Star. The bike was left at the bike rack for years, and one day one of the artist from the Student Gallery decided to spray it all orange. Within days, the city put on a notice that the artist will be fined if she doesn’t remove the bike in 7 days. What’s wrong with the City of Toronto?

JosephineAlan_20110605182633 JosephineAlan_20110605182753

I love the shape of this scripture.


Thanks Jo + Alan for such a fun session!

***************************************************** Behind the Scene *****************************************************

Brickworks looks like this now.


Another picture of the bike.


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