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Virginia + Gary – {E-Session}

Wedding season is in FULL THROTTLED!!  I’m excited for all the opportunities to go out and shoot, and of course documenting some of the most exciting people I’m meeting this year.   Here we have … Virginia and Gary, who will be tying the knot this August!! =)

VirginiaGary_20150523165852-1VirginiaGary_20150523170900 VirginiaGary_20150523171145-1 VirginiaGary_20150523175144 VirginiaGary_20150523175925 VirginiaGary_20150523175436-1 VirginiaGary_20150523181333 VirginiaGary_20150523180814Virginia’s favorite dessert place, 0109.VirginiaGary_20150524121146 VirginiaGary_20150524124332Cute! =)VirginiaGary_20150524124403And thank you for the owner to open the store for us extra early. =)VirginiaGary_20150524123219 VirginiaGary_20150524122825 VirginiaGary_20150524122609 VirginiaGary_20150524123739Yup, ice-cream is supposed to be cold. =PVirginiaGary_20150524124542 VirginiaGary_20150524122902Back to work! Work it, work it! =DVirginiaGary_20150523185103And have tons of fun!VirginiaGary_20150523190002 VirginiaGary_20150523184706 VirginiaGary_20150523193818 VirginiaGary_20150523195919I’d usually ask my couples to bring along things that they enjoy to do.  And here we have darts and volleyball.  Thank you Gary for putting his physical being on the line.  Imagine where the dart will land if it’s “off target”. =DVirginiaGary_20150523201812 VirginiaGary_20150523201700-1 VirginiaGary_20150523201207 VirginiaGary_20150523201212 VirginiaGary_20150523202711A few campus pictures, bring back memories…VirginiaGary_20150523221430and personalities … =PVirginiaGary_20150523215028-1 VirginiaGary_20150523215433-1 VirginiaGary_20150523215339 VirginiaGary_20150523215454 VirginiaGary_20150523222317 VirginiaGary_20150523231851-1 VirginiaGary_20150523231705

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Nancy + Tom – {E-Session}

Fall weather is known to be unpredictable.  But thank God for a warm and lovely weather, without rain!  That means more fun for me with Nancy and Tom on their engagement session … hoooraaaay!!! =)NancyTom_20141025140727NancyTom_20141025140727-2NancyTom_20141025143723NancyTom_20141025144623-2NancyTom_20141025144623NancyTom_20141025150547NancyTom_20141025150902NancyTom_20141025153505NancyTom_20141025152330NancyTom_20141025154623NancyTom_20141025154100NancyTom_20141025160351NancyTom_20141025155311NancyTom_20141025164337NancyTom_20141025164701NancyTom_20141025163804NancyTom_20141025163804-2NancyTom_20141025173407NancyTom_20141025172816

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Leanne + Jason – {Married}

A beautiful wedding with lots of detail and fun! =)


Seriously, this is the first time I saw a bride got ready early AND help out in make up! =)


And on the groom’s side …



Meet the very fun and energetic wedding party! =)



To see more of Leanne and Jason’s wedding, click here or check it out below:

Leanne + Jason

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Leanne:  It is so difficult to choose just ONE memorable moment on our wedding day as there were so many!  If I had to choose one, I would say that walking down the aisle at the Christian ceremony and exchanging our vows was very memorable.  Everything was just so beautiful, calm and perfect to the point that it made me cry and I NEVER cry:P

Jason:  The Christian Ceremony it was perfect, and when we were all entering the hall for the first time. 

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Leanne:  My number one advice for future brides & grooms are – do what makes both of you happy and don’t listen to anyone!  I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding planning process as I did everything that represented us as a couple and not take other people’s opinions into consideration.  It is very easy to get caught up with other people’s suggestions and opinions on what your wedding should be like but if you stick to guns and do what YOU want as a couple, you will end up very happy with the results.  That’s what happened with our wedding.  We did everything OUR way and everything we saw that day was simply us!

Jason: stay strong, be happy and take it in it a goes so fast.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Leanne:  My funniest and you could also say most annoying memory of my wedding day was that people kept stepping on my wedding dress and made me lose some of the buttons on the back of my dress!  My wedding dress had an extremely long train and even after putting it on a bustle, it was still long enough for people to keep stepping on it.  Each time a person did that, I would lose a button on the back of my dress.  It got to the point where I had no more buttons to put my train on a bustle so I ended up changing into another dress during the reception.  It didn’t end there.  Because my second dress had a little train as well, people did the same thing with my second dress!!!

Jason: all of the joke we had with the bridal party.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Leanne:  If I had to do it all over again, I would totally eat more of the yummy food that was served at our reception.  We had very delicious h’orheurves at cocktail hours, a 10 course Chinese meal, an amazing variety of sweets including a candy bar that I could barely remember eating as I was just so caught up with the moment!  I remembered people warning me that you tend to forget to eat at your wedding as there is just so much commotion going but for me, I think I was just lazy to reapply my lipstick LOL

Jason: Nothing god gave us the day and I would not change a thing.

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************



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Stella + Yatu – {Pre-Wedding, E-Session}

Introducing Stella and Yatu, who chose to include some pre-wedding actions during their engagement session!  And this is no ordinary session.  It is a session took place in November.  Honestly, how my amazing couples can stand the cold and still be fabulous under this temperature is really beyond me. =P


Rawwwwrrrrr …


Alright, let’s have some WARM, indoor fun! =)




To see more of Stella and Yatu’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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Linda + David – {E-Session}

Woohoo … Finally, it’s spring time!!  And here we have Linda and David, who will be tying the knot this June!


The light was the MONEY that morning!!


A quick change in outfit, we headed to another fabulous location!

LindaDavid_20120407101825LindaDavid_20120407102144LindaDavid_20120407095058LindaDavid_20120407102217 LindaDavid_20120407102231

My favorite of the day!


To see more of Linda and David’s e-session, play the slideshow below:

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


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Sue + Jimmy – {E-Session}

Congratulations Sue and Jimmy, who will be tying their knot this April!  Yeah, that means we’ll see them soon again. =)

SueJimmy_20110319141429 SueJimmy_20110319141607SueJimmy_20110319141140

This spring was pretty cold and wet.  But we had a GORGEOUS sunny day of shooting!

SueJimmy_20110319143352 SueJimmy_20110319142656

One of my favorites. =)



We then headed off to U of T Scarborough, where our couples met. =)



Sue and Jimmy, thank you for inviting to your wedding, and we can’t wait until your big day!  =)

************************************** Behind the Scene ****************************************

Meet our enthusiastic Brian.  See his big smile?  That must be because he got to shoot!  SueJimmy_20110319134051

And yeah, we’re willing to go anywhere for good pictures, even the sign specifically said ‘no photography’. =P


Just for the record, it’s not that my pants was ripped or my fly was opened.  I was just looking at my own reflection at the picture from the right. =P

suejimmy_20110319143258 suejimmy_20110319143320


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Monica + Henry – {Married}

It’s been years since I first met Monica, who was still an university student having her co-op term in the same company I worked for.  And when she asked me to be the wedding photographer for her and Henry, I felt tremendously honoured and that just brought back so much memories! =)

MonicaHenry_20101010070033 MonicaHenry_20101010044939

Really, expressions like this are PRICELESS to me!!


Time for picking up the bride people!  And our sisters are well prepared for putting up challenges! =)


We then headed to the BEAUTIFUL venue of Old Mills Inn.

MonicaHenry_20101010090738MonicaHenry_20101010091449MonicaHenry_20101010100314MonicaHenry_20101010094624 MonicaHenry_20101010100935MonicaHenry_20101010100953-2MonicaHenry_20101010101821

And time for some portrait fun! =D


The banquet was filled with joy and emotion.  LOOOOVE it!! =D


And here is our romantic first dance …


Followed by a great party after.  Everybody joined in.  I LOOOOVE IT!!! =D


Look, we’re one of them too! =P


Monica and Henry, it was a splash working with you too!  And it’s such a pleasure to witness and capture every moment of your BIG day!  Thank you thank you thank you … ! =D

************************ Behind the scene ****************************

Uhem … here’s us again!  And me with the … don’t know how many layers of chin. =P


And have some artistic fun during our shoot. =D


To our future couples, no worries, before we asked you to do something, we’ll try it out first! =)


Oh, BTW, only 2 of the three is from our team, guess who they are? =)


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Lu + Austin – {E-Session}

Congratulations to Lu and Austin, who will be tying their knot this September.  I must say, these two are soldiers!  Not only they’re having their session on one of the stormy weekends (and it’s melting hot), but they managed to get both their engagement session and pre-wedding pictures done on the same day! 



LuAustin_20100815141349LuAustin_20100815144022-2luaustin_20100815143324luaustin_20100815181244 luaustin_20100815181309 (2)

The light right after the storm is just amazing, even though it was just for a very brief moment!  Luvvvve it!

LuAustin_20100815183208LuAustin_20100815181202LuAustin_20100815181154LuAustin_20100815181702 LuAustin_20100815182354-2LuAustin_20100815184047

One of my fav! =D


And now … onto our pre-wedding photos from earlier of the day.


I know we’re not supposed to stay under the trees while there’s a storm.  But how can we say no to this?  (Kids, don’t try this yourself!)


One of the most common questions we have when scheduling a session is … “what if it rains?”  Truly, it doesn’t matter.  =)

luaustin_20100815152202-2luaustin_20100815190651 luaustin_20100815190637LuAustin_20100815185725luaustin_20100815185706luaustin_20100815185728 luaustin_20100815185843LuAustin_20100815191813LuAustin_20100815190709

And this is another favorite of mine.  love love looove…..!!


Lu and Austin, we’re absolutely looking forward to your wedding day!  It’s going to be GREAT fun!!!

******************* Behind the scene *******************

Nothing makes us more motivated about our work than having such enthusiastic couple.  While they’re battling sizzling temperature and rain, we are …

right there with them.


When they’re enjoying themselves, we’re too … =P


And when they’re changing … uhem … no, we wait.  Speaking of which, I envy Winston’s outfit for the day. =)


My most comfortable moment from the session. =D


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