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Victoria + Mihir – {Married}

Wedding season starts early this year, and what’s better than having a lovely couple such as Victoria and Mihir to kick start the season!  Their smile, and their easy going nature made the supposedly cold April full of fun.  Well, yes, it was still pretty cold … =)


Victoria, you look GORGEOUS!!!


Their wedding took place in Harvest Bible Chapel.  Some people may think it’s a challenging place to photograph, but for sure it is a LOVELY church!!!! =)


LOVE LOVE LOVE the moment!!


Awwwww …. =)


Weather wasn’t very cooperating on the day, but that didn’t stop our shooting fun! =)


Multiculturalism at its BEST!!!! Tada!!! =)


LOVE this girl, she’s not shy to show off her awesome dance moves! =)


To see more of Victoria and Mihir’s wedding, click here or check it out below:

Victoria + Mihir:

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Victoria:  The first step I took down the aisle and sitting at the end of the night watching everyone dancing thinking we finally did it! Praise God. 🙂 I was so happy haha. (Sorry I wrote two! lol)
Mihir:  When Victoria walked down the aisle.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Victoria: Have fun! Don’t let people stress you out! 😉
Mihir:  Relax, enjoy the day – everything will work out.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Victoria: Whispering back and forth if Mihir was still going to dip me for the kiss at the ceremony and if he’d do the dance we practiced for our first dance at the reception hahaha.
Mihir:  Melvin (the best man)’s speech.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Victoria: Never!
Mihir:  No.

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


Thank you Brian for a perfect demonstration! =P


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Jessica + David – {E-Session}

Meet Jessica and David!  They are CUTE and FUN!



If I don’t mention it, I bet you won’t notice David was havnig a bad cold when he comes to the engagement session, isn’t it? =)


Just standing aside and look at the way they interact with each other will bring me smile. =)




BTW, this is 100% natural.  I was swapping my lens while they were enjoying their wind surfing! =P



Beautiful light, I will be sorry if I let the opportunity slip away. =)


And of course that has a price to pay.  Twenty minutes of shooting in the woods during night time, equals to 9 mosquito bites.  But it’s ALL WORTH IT! =)


To see more of Jessica and David’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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Pinky + Brian – {Pre-wedding}

Congratulations to Pinky and Brian, who’ll be tying the knot this coming July.  These two fly all the way from Hong Kong and decide to have their love ones witnessing their unity in Toronto.  And when I received Pinky’s message from Hong Kong inviting me to document their love in their pre-wedding session, I feel tremendously honored!  =)


Our session started with heavy rain, but thank God for giving us a few hours of break!!  And even when we started our session raining, it still didn’t break the spirit of Pinky and Brian!  Honestly, what more can I ask for?  They are simply AMAZING!!


Hand made bouquet from our bride, all the way from Hong Kong!


To see more of Pinky and Brian’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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Gabby + Barry – {E-Session}

Autumn is always my favourite season of the year – it is so colourful and romantic. Gabby and Barry, who were introduced to us by Carmen of Devoted to You, wanted the fall leaves as the backdrop of their e-session. We immediately thought of Bruce’s Mills.
aUntitled-1 GabbyBarry_20111016154348GabbyBarry_20111016154432-2
The peacefulness of this session would made a great contrast to their wedding in Las Vegas next year.
Gabby, you have such a beautiful smile!
This one is my favourite. I can feel their love through their eyes.
GabbyBarry_20111016161644 GabbyBarry_20111016161849 GabbyBarry_20111016161803  GabbyBarry_20111016162930
Tony loved this umbrella so much that he searched through 8 to 10 SDMs before he could get possession on one.
GabbyBarry_20111016163520 GabbyBarry_20111016164854
A quick change of outfits and scenery …
We were so lucky to catch the last glimpse of sunlight.
To see more of Gabby and Barry’s e-session, CLICK HERE for the slideshow or watch it here:

********************************** Behind the Scene **********************************

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Sue + Jimmy – {E-Session}

Congratulations Sue and Jimmy, who will be tying their knot this April!  Yeah, that means we’ll see them soon again. =)

SueJimmy_20110319141429 SueJimmy_20110319141607SueJimmy_20110319141140

This spring was pretty cold and wet.  But we had a GORGEOUS sunny day of shooting!

SueJimmy_20110319143352 SueJimmy_20110319142656

One of my favorites. =)



We then headed off to U of T Scarborough, where our couples met. =)



Sue and Jimmy, thank you for inviting to your wedding, and we can’t wait until your big day!  =)

************************************** Behind the Scene ****************************************

Meet our enthusiastic Brian.  See his big smile?  That must be because he got to shoot!  SueJimmy_20110319134051

And yeah, we’re willing to go anywhere for good pictures, even the sign specifically said ‘no photography’. =P


Just for the record, it’s not that my pants was ripped or my fly was opened.  I was just looking at my own reflection at the picture from the right. =P

suejimmy_20110319143258 suejimmy_20110319143320


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Ada + Cecil – {E-Session}

I have known Cecil’s brother, Shane for many years.  When Shane contacted me to shoot Ada and Cecil’s wedding, I didn’t need to think twice before taking up this task!  I got even more excited when Cecil told me that he is a firefighter for the City of Toronto.  I immediate suggested to them that we should do the e-session at a fire station.  Through Cecil’s friend, Mike, who is also a firefighter for the Town of Stouffville, we were able to do the session at Station 5-1 Headquarters.

A nice contrast between the state of the art fire station and the vintage fire engine.adacecil_20101226163203 

Cecil didn’t waste a minute to check out the vintage fire engine.


The light in the Apparatus Bay was so good!


These are definitely my favourites.


We love to make our couples laugh! Was it something I said?!


adacecil_20101226170603   AdaCecil_20101226160748

This is another one of my favourites!adacecil_20101226171345adacecil_20101226171511adacecil_20101226171523adacecil_20101226175748

The sun was setting really quick, but we were still able to grab the last of the civil twilight. adacecil_20101226180902

We continued our session at the Main Street, Unionville.  Cecil, thanks for the hot chocolate.  This place has the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had!!!!!  adacecil_20101226190028AdaCecil_20101226175131

Cecil’s kiss gave us warmth on this chilling boxing day night. adacecil_20101226190752AdaCecil_20101226180326 

************************************** Behind the Scene ****************************************

Having some fun with the firefighter uniform!adacecil_20101226164244

The light was so good that we had to take some portraits of ourselves. AdaCecil_20101226153717

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