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Ling + Joseph – {E-Session}


Winter is almost over, shall we conclude this one very memorable season with Ling and Joseph’s engagements session? =)

LingJoseph_20140308144249-1 LingJoseph_20140308160553 LingJoseph_20140308145617

Hi doggy!!


I know you’re as cold as us too. =)

LingJoseph_20140308161325 LingJoseph_20140308150613 LingJoseph_20140308150448-2LingJoseph_20140308153514 LingJoseph_20140308152911 LingJoseph_20140308144249-4LingJoseph_20140308162033LingJoseph_20140308144249-5LingJoseph_20140308164212

My FAVORITE sequence of the day! =)

LingJoseph_20140308171848-2 LingJoseph_20140308172012 LingJoseph_20140308172106 LingJoseph_20140308174640 LingJoseph_20140308174202

To see more of Ling and Joseph’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:



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Elaine + Peter – {E-Session}

Meet my very hot couples, Elaine and Peter!  Not only are they lovely, they’re courageous to have their engagement session on a very cold winter day.  =)


Trust me,  it is not a warm day, but their beautiful smiles truly warm my heart!


One of my favorite pictures of the day.  Gottta LOVE their expressions.


Another favorite of the day! =D


To see more of Elaine and Peter’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:



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Rachel + Ricky – {E-Session}

Spring is still more than 40 days away, and I think most of us can’t wait for it to come sooner!  This is no doubt one of the more exciting winters in recent years.  Uhem … I mean “Ice storm, snow storm, extreme cold temperature, and more snow” kind of exciting!  But allow me to introduce you my troopers, Rachel and Ricky.  Their enthusiasm and courage warms me up! =)


Let’s try something more funky! =P


Can’t wait to have more fun with Rachel and Ricky this coming summer! =)

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Victoria + Mihir – {E-Session}

Meet my first couples of 2014, Victoria and Mihir!  Gosh, they’re one BEAUTIFUL couples!  And when I say this, I’m not only referring to their appearance, but also their character.  I still remember the fun of learning so much about them even in my first meeting with them.  It is their sweetness and their love to God that draw me close to them.

And here we go, a snowy engagement session, something that is definitely not lacking this winter. =)


By the way, this is our rescheduled session.  Our original scheduled session was on the Sunday, when the ice storm swept through Toronto. =P


Always love the idea from my couples! =)

VictoriaMihir_20140105151129VictoriaMihir_20140105153205victoriamihir_20140105153205 (2)VictoriaMihir_20140105151332VictoriaMihir_20140105154216VictoriaMihir_20140105154216-2VictoriaMihir_20140105175604VictoriaMihir_20140105184858-2VictoriaMihir_20140105182442VictoriaMihir_20140105190306VictoriaMihir_20140105190227

To see more of Victoria and Mihir’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


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Bonnie + Rony – {Married}

It was only two years ago since I first met Bonnie and Rony.  But it feels like we’ve gone way back!  My first conversation with Bonnie was at Edith and Dave’s wedding rehearsal, where she was the GM of their wedding.  Man … I still remember how fruitful and enjoyable that conversation was!  And together with Rony, this is one couples that brings LASTING joy to others!!  I certainly was one of the beneficiaries from their gifted qualities. =)

Hey Cosmo look … big day for your pals!!!


Peekaboo!! =)


And let’s see what happened on the guys’ side, before heading over to the ‘door challenge’!  In my opinion, GREAT way to boost up team spirit! =)




LOVE LOVE LOVE this moment!


Heard about unity candle?  What about unity fish? =)


A showcase of the AWESOME wedding party!  And the fact that it’s March weather makes them extra awesome! =)

RonyBonnie_20130316-54 RonyBonnie_20130316-29RonyBonnie_20130316-30RonyBonnie_20130316-31RonyBonnie_20130316-32RonyBonnie_20130316-33RonyBonnie_20130316-34

Now, to our exclusive hotel coverage (a.k.a: More FUN!)



To see more of Bonnie and Ronny’s wedding, click here or check it out below:

Bonnie + Rony

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Bonnie: The most memorable moment of the day was the entire ceremony.  Reality hits the moment I stand in line with my dad by my side.  I kept telling him I’m really scared, I’m really nervous.  Walking down the aisle seeing so many friends and family’s presence to be our witness definitely put tears to my eyes.  I can feel their love for us.  And praising God never felt so touched before, tears of joy and gratefulness keeps rolling down the corner of my eyes because of how great God really is.

Rony: The moment I opened the door and saw my beautiful wife under the glistening sunlight by the bedside window, after all the dreary obstacle I’ve gone through @ “picking up the bride door games”

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Bride:  Enjoy every moment and every second of the day.  It goes by REALLY QUICKLY.  Enjoy your every outfit and style you only get to be that pretty one time, unless of cause if you are  celebrity or a model then that’s another question.  If possible acknowledge all guest during dinner time.  Walk around to talk and personally thank them for being there.

Groom: Screw the morning Rundown, be there late to pick up the bride, so you don’t have to suffer as much from the obstacle!

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Bride:  After the open door games and Rony picking me up from the room.  We walked down the stairs and No one, No one cared enough to stayed at the bottom of the stairs when we walked down.  All the friend and family were too concentrated on having breakfast or taking a rest from the challenging games.

Groom: When I was asked to help to take pictures of a large group of friends in my wedding ceremony, and I wasn’t in the picture.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Bride: I would definitely sleep more on the last month of the wedding.  And find a church that is puppy accommodating, and TRAIN THE DOG. 

Groom: Have Cosmo, our puppy, be part of the wedding party!


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


Oh, my camera smells so bad! =P


Yes, that few extra mini-meters helps! =D


It takes a lot of love from my wedding party friends not to gang up on me, while I’m the only one all bundled up in this weather.  Especially looking at this picture, it’s like I’m holding up their coat and blackmailing them.  Love you guys!! =)


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Bonnie + Rony – {Pre-Wedding}

You have no idea how eager I am to show you this!  Bonnie and Rony are just photographer’s dream.  They’re fun to be with.  And even with freezing weather, their laughter still warms my heart!


Now, some outdoor fun with childhood memory!  See those drinks?  I only have two words for it … CLASSIC, and YUM!!!  For those of you who don’t know what this drink is, check out the wikipedia definition.  (I must admit, it’s funny to find something that has so much ‘tradition’ and dear to my childhood on wikipedia) =P


LOVE this sequence! =)



I know it’s cold.  But honestly, with something this awesome, I just want to stay there and shoot for two more hours.  Hang in there warriors, you two doing GREEAAATT!!!!!


I’m going to finish this post with the picture below.  And I promise, we’ll see Bonnie and Rony again VERY soon! =D



************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


Looking at my own evil expression, reminds me of how much I want to finish the drink before even finishing the shoot. =P


Oh, look at my hat!  I KNOW it looks good on me. =)



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Cecilia + Charlton – {E-Session}

I’ve been excited to show you these pictures.  A ridiculously fun couples paired with awesome WINTER weather … SIGN US UP!


I still remember the first time we met and discuss what they loved to do.  Both of them expressed their love of snowboarding.  So here we go … shooting in winter!  Gosh … I’m blessed with having friends as crazy as I am!

CeciliaCharlton_20130218150616CeciliaCharlton_20130218150413 CeciliaCharlton_20130218144955CeciliaCharlton_20130218151936CeciliaCharlton_20130218153703CeciliaCharlton_20130218145251CeciliaCharlton_20130218150048CeciliaCharlton_20130218152524CeciliaCharlton_20130218152730CeciliaCharlton_20130218152615

Love love love …… !!


A little change of outfit, and a change of scenery …


Closing this one with a blast!  And a lot of wind!


To see more of Cecilia and Charlton’s engagement session, click here or check it out below:


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

Yeah, it’s not an ordinary slope!  It’s THE slope! =D


Thank you Charlton capturing me in action!



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