A true professional

Tony you are a true professional!! Love your attention to details, your creative artistry, and that when you were with us, your focus was on us and us only!! I thought it would have been tough to retain such demeanor throughout a long 12 hours period!! But you pulled through and did an awesome job and I'm loving your work!! I think you have made Moises a happier man (since you have just made his wife very happy 🙂 )!!

- Irene
Service used: Wedding

Tony and Brian are the best!!!

Tony and Brian are the best!!! They are so accommodating, sweet, fun, energetic, professional and kind! They work so hard to get you beautiful shots and have an amazingly artistic eye. They are patient and will walk you through every shot. Just give them your enthusiastic cooperation back!

- Victoria
Service used: Engagement, Wedding

Highly recommend

After working with Tony and his team for the engagement shots, I knew it was one less thing to worry during the day. Tony has an amazing eye for light, capturing the moment and passionate about working with us to get the amazing shots. Thanks for teaching me some new techniques. I would highly recommend timeless moments photography.

- Kevin
Service used: Engagement, Wedding

Absolutely awesome!!!

Where should I start..Tony and his team are absolutely awesome!!! Professional, funny and great to work with. Tony is so passionate with his work that he would spend time getting to know us. Wouldn't go with another photographer at all. Highly recommended!!!!

- Claudia
Service used: Engagement, Wedding

Amazing to work with

Timeless Moment was amazing to work with. There are so many positive things to say about them but the number one item that sticks out for me is that they blended in very nicely with my family at the wedding. What I meant by that is, I was extremely comfortable with them throughout the entire process and they allowed Jason and I to be ourselves at all times. Anyone who knows anything about great photography is that if you make your subjects very comfortable, the results will show in your work and that's exactly what they have done for us! They are just so easy to work with, very flexible and accommodating to your needs. I would totally recommend their services to anyone!

- Leanne and Jason
Service used: Engagement, Wedding

Loveeee them!!

Loveeee them!! Hard to find ppl that didn’t mind our stupidity and craziness lol. They are AWESOME!! Thumbs up!! P.S don’t think and just do what they ask! You end up with greatttt surprises!

They are most professional, talented and fun people to work with! P.s. pick their brains when planning for the wedding! They are experienced and can help make your day smooth!

- Cecilia & Charlton
Service used: Engagement, Wedding

Plain awesome!

Plain awesome. The main thing I respect so much is how you enjoy taking pictures, and I can see the passion in you, and I deeply think that is the difference from being good to great. =) You have a lot of great and romantic ideas in your mind. My wedding party also very enjoy the photo session too!

- Carrie and Jonathan
Service used: Engagement, Wedding

Wonderful to work with

Tony you are wonderful to work with. I really appreciate all your thoughts and efforts to make our wedding as smooth and memorable as can be. Could not have asked for better!

- Angel and Jackie
Service used: Engagement, Wedding


Tony and his team were amazing. They were very passionate about their work and went the extra mile to capture our special day.

- Monica and Charles
Service used: Engagement, Wedding

Not only professional …

Tony was not just professional but catered to every one of our (and our family's) needs. You can tell that they are not afraid to get dirty to get the best possible shot.

- Janny and Kenneth
Service used: Engagement, Wedding

Pure awesomeness

Pure awesomeness. We had so much fun doing both our engagement and wedding day shoots and you guys did an amazing job capturing the big day for us. You guys were super friendly and approachable, and did everything we could ever as for and more. Thanks for allowing us execute all our crazy ideas, and we know the entire wedding party had a lot of fun. =)

- Aaron Ng
Service used: Engagement, Wedding

You guys were absolutely amazing!

Tony, you guys were absolutely amazing. It was such a long day but you guys were cool and professional throughout. We were so tired from just standing there taking pictures with relatives and friends we can imagine how tiring it can be for you guys. You guys were fun and super easy to work with. Thank you so much for capturing all the important moments of our big day. =)

- Wendy Ma
Service used: Engagement, Wedding

Absolutely a pleasure to work with!

Absolutely a pleasure and thankful to have Timeless Moment be part of our wedding. All our shots has been continuously jaw dropping. They have contributed many thoughts and effort , and they are truly creative! Very cozy team to work with, and easy to communicate!

- Rony Mak
Service used: Engagement, Wedding

Thank You!!

Tony, you guys are full of passion and honestly so much fun to be with. In the crazy laughters and fun during our sessions, your professionalism still manage to get through to us for some intimate shots. Thank you for capturing who we really are as a couple.

- Bonnie Ho
Service used: Engagement, Wedding
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