Wynne + David – {Married}

WeddingMay 10 20101 Comment

What an exciting weekend!  I was honoured to capture the memory of my good friend’s wedding.  David and I worked together for years.  I still remember the countless moments of us chatting about our everyday challenge we faced in the office, and world politics, and the environment, and the economy (yeah, we talked a lot =P).  And when I first met Wynne during their engagement session, I KNOW they’re just made for each other.  Their laughter and joy are simply contagious.  I had so much fun taking the engagement photos last year.  And I had even more fun taking pictures during their wedding.  Every laughter (and there are A LOT) and every kiss really reminds me of why I love wedding photography.  Thank you Wynne and David for this wonderful experience. =)

DW_20100418070430 DW_20100418072406

The very brilliant shoe, I love it! =)
Wynne, you look Gorgeous!
Over to the boy side
Before the wedding day, we were praying hard to have a sunny day on the day of wedding.  The forecast hasn’t been friendly to us even on the day before the wedding.  But in the end, God has given us one of the most beautiful days in this early season.  Thank you God! =)
And here is the arrival of our stunning bride.
And a little competition from our ring bearer. =)
Now, let the joy and laughter begins!
My favorite of the day!
DW_20100418104753DW_20100418105327 DW_20100418105328DW_20100418105719
DW_20100418105909 DW_20100418105903DW_20100418111213 DW_20100418111258
The very fun wedding party. =)
DW_20100418081835DW_20100418134448 DW_20100418101218DW_20100418101131 
I just love the moment between the father and the bride.
And the laughter spread over to the reception.
DW_20100418124137DW_20100418124528 DW_20100418124448DW_20100418125010
Another favorite of mine. =)
What can I say, I have a very technical couple. =)  And the iPad is actually a wedding gift from David.  Now, those of you who follows the news and gadgets must know how hard to get an iPad in April.  And this gift JUST arrived the day before their wedding.  Hey, that’s romantic in a technical way!  =)
Tip to my brides, if you want a great turn out in bouquet throwing, do this. =)
DW_20100418152428DW_20100418152446DW_20100418152529 DW_20100418152536DW_20100418152807 DW_20100418152834DW_20100418152748DW_20100418162335DW_20100418162842
After the reception, we had more fun in more shooting.  And did I say their joy and laughter are contagious? =)
And after a day of excitement, Wynne still looks brilliant!
I know I’ve stated my favorite, but since this is my blog, I guess I have the right to state one more at least? =P
It’s been an extremely fun day for me.  I wish Wynne and David will have a joy-filled marriage!  Congratulations! =)
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Hey, it’s not just a job, it’s our passion, and fun! =)
And we’re expert in detail!
I look the sexiest when I’m on the job. =)